Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teleste's Ubique Delivers, Manages DVB, IPTV And OTT Services In Singular System

Teleste has introduced a full OTT answer for line operators. The new Teleste Ubique includes all line operators must be bring TV Everywhere services to their customers. Ubique reduces the time indispensable to confederate OTT to a line operator's gift from 12-18 months to even two months. At IBC, Teleste moreover voiced a entirely customizable iPad focus and a few extensions to its Luminato headend platform.

Teleste Ubique is a full multiscreen systemfor handling and distributing TV channels and interactive services on DVB, IPTV and OTT networks. Teleste Ubique includes all indispensable to set up an OTT service: headends, transcoders, a administration network and a calm insurance system. Teleste Ubique enables multiscreen smoothness to STBs, iPads and Web browsers, branch a normal TV to a modern entertainment core and bringing normal TV channels to iPads.

Ubique enables operators to succeed DVB, IPTV and OTT services at the same time. The network handles live TV channels, EPG module guides and interactive services such as catch-up, VOD and network PVR from the same system. Teleste Ubique moreover features calm encryption, that enables operators to succeed calm insurance (DVB, IPTV, HLS, PlayReady) to all gadgets centrally. Operators can moreover succeed multiscreen smoothness from the same system. With Teleste Ubique, operators can broach their services to multi-part variety of device such as TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones simply and cost-effectively.

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