Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TSL Unveils Fail-safe, Plug-and-play Vertical Intelligent Power Units

TSL Professional Products introduced its new Vertical Intelligent Power (VIP) operation of Mains Distribution Units (MDU) at IBC2012.

VIP delivers all of the functionality of TSL PPL’s Power Management MDUs, but in a modular, straight format that streamlines the designation process. The section is expected for broadcast, IT and AV applications, or any designation wanting fail-safe power placement management.

During designation of a normal plane mains placement unit, all joining power cables is to apparatus in a shelve must be measured, soldered and cut, that can take up to a half man-day of time per rack. Since the celebrity mounts plumb to the ascent frame hardware on the back of a shelve unit, the designation group needs usually use the existing AC line for any square of gear. The section moreover features an A/B submit to supply total redundancy, a vital item for vicious applications similar to delivery centers.

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