Saturday, September 22, 2012

TSL Professional Products Releases Entry-level MPA1-3G

TSL Professional Products has launched its new MPA1-3G Audio Confidence Monitoring unit.

In line with TSL PPL’s Monitor Plus operation certainty that offers entry-level, strong audio monitoring and features opening elements found in TSL PPL’s high-end certainty monitoring line, the MPA1-3G provides thorough de-embedding capabilities and accepts any SD or HD-SDI vigilance up to and inclusive 3G.

The lightweight, shoal 1RU MPA1-3G is written for use in prolongation galleries, shelve areas, chief control, feast or any monitoring position, and is quite fitting in lorry applications where space is at a premium. Confidence monitoring is skilled by a 12 portion bargraph manifestation for visible metering and a new, extended integrated power amplifier and orator network for vicious listening.

The MPA1-3G Audio Confidence Monitoring section gives a announce operation the ability to de-embed the audio channels found in a 3G-SDI information stream. The section offers HD-SDI autosensing access to the 16 audio channels existing in the SDI river in eight, rotary manage selectable stereo pairs. When the inner speakers are de-selected, the audio vigilance may be exported to an outmost orator network tranquil around the unit’s turn control.

Each stereo span has a change manage enabling the user to keep apart from mono elements or arrange the turn of left vigilance against right.

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