Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Steve Sabol: A Visionary Who Stood His Ground

I met Steve Sabol on November 8, 1998, on the football margin at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. we was there to write a story about Sony’s new HD cameras, that were being used to fire the initial American football game-between my New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills (the Jets won). It was announce in HD on CBS to a paltry number of matching televisions in the marketplace at that time.

I recollect on foot up to Sabol, who was consultation with a of his camera operators that was using a 16mm movie camera. we joked with him that HD was here to stay and would reinstate movie for sports coverage. He rapidly responded by saying that NFL Films’ usually request was to takeover the action in the top quality. He didn't caring what sort of camera was used. Sabol mentioned NFL Films would go on to fire on film, since they were meddlesome in preserving the images is to future, as his parent had taught him to do. He was considering repurposing and future

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