Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ZTE Windows Phone 8 Devices Teased

ZTE's selling plan manager, Dennis Lui, posted this print on his personal Sina Weibo account. The picture features 3 ZTE phones presumably running on Windows Phone 8, hinting that ZTE is a of the initial manufacturers to confederate the new mobile OS to its devices.

On the right, you have the ZTE Tania that looks similar to it has Windows Phone 8, but could obviously be on a "WP8 simulator" app existing for smartphones that have Windows Phone 7.

The other two gadgets were since a decent dose of Gaussian fuzz to rather conseal their identities. The handset on the left would be running the actual Windows Phone 8, as the shrunken live tiles indicate.

Lui moreover posted a print of a ZTE-branded Windows 8 tablet, suggesting that the Chinese wiring firm is throwing its shawl to the iPad-saturated market.

Source: Sina Weibo , around Engadget

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