Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cobalt Digital Unveils OB Audio Innovations

Cobalt Digital introduced a new operation of MADI cards directed at expanding possibilities for multichannel/multi-source baseband audio routing for mobile environments, prolongation companies or any focus involving multi-vehicle audio vigilance transport.

The new 9374-EMDE Quad Stream SDI-AES-MADI embedder/de-embedder array with 192 x 192 crosspoint switch and the 9257 MADI 1x9 MADI audio DA are responses to the request of customers for more MADI options.

The 9374-EMDE Quad Stream SDI-AES-MADI series, that is good matched for OB environments, provides a full unconstrained audio crosspoint that allows duct routing between any channels on up to 4 SDI streams, several AES-3id and AES10 MADI interfaces.

The 9257 1x9 MADI audio placement amplifier provides rapid and easy AES10 MADI vigilance placement between OB vehicles without the need for fiber. The 9257 supports sampling frequencies up to 96kHz, with a 64-channel cargo upheld at attention typical 48kHz sampling rate.

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