Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Teardown

The teardown pros at iFixit have messy the Kindle Fire HD and found that it's a simply designed, simply repairable inscription done with often off-shelf-parts and usually a couple of law components.

Still, iFixit scores the Fire HD as somewhat reduction repairable than the initial Fire tablet, with a 7 out of 10 measure (10 being the easiest to repair), down from final year's Fire's 8 out of 10 score. The Fire HD's iFixit measure matches that of the Nexus 7 , our elite 7-inch tablet.

Two unique things iFixit found inside the Fire HD are a steel enclosing on the battery (likely there to stop any electrical damage to within reach internals and to increase a few constructional support) and a law cosmetic support is to tablet's dual-speaker set-up. Most all is easy to access, eliminate and reinstate once the back box is popped off using a " cosmetic gap apparatus ."

Even the battery comes out easily, notwithstanding the shield, given there are no adhesives to grip it in place.Amazon secures it with just 4 Phillips #00 screws and one T5 Torx screw. Like many phones and tablets, the battery was the largest part inside of the Fire HD, followed by the motherboard. Holding the motherboard in place is a square of copper fasten that, whilst easy to remove, is tough to re-adhere, according to iFixit.

"With a few clever work with a razor knife edge you were able to flay up the copper fasten casing the principal processor," iFixit mentioned in its teardown. "The copper fasten allows the processor to waste heat, but is more cryptic to eliminate than a great ol' fashioned feverishness sink."

Taking a page from Apple's hard-to-repair book of design, the Fire HD's pleasing 1280 x 800 LCD manifestation is "fused to the front potion and cosmetic frame, meaning you'll have to reinstate both components together," iFixit said. This pierce positively helped the Fire HD reach its 10.3-millimeter thinness, albeit whilst sacrificing reparability.

In other space-saving move, Amazon placed the Fire HD's CPU beneath its 1GB of RAM - a pattern pretence seen on the first Fire tablet. Interestingly enough, Amazon clocks the new tablet's processor at 1.2 GHz, but iFixit reports that Texas Instruments clocks the OMAP 4460 dual-core processor at 1.5 GHz. Regardless, the dual-core chipset is a step up from the first Fire's single-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 processor, that is a lower-powered chronicle of the Fire HD's dual-core processor.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Teardown [ iFixit ]

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