Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hands-On With The Redesigned Twitter For IPad

Just in time for iOS 6, Twitter has

While the redesigns do not unequivocally change the core Twitter experience very much, they do offer to reunite things opposite Twitter's multi-part platforms. The app right away offers things similar to the Discover add-on for anticipating tip trending topics, stories, and favorited tweets, and the Interactions division of the Connect add-on so you can see who has referred to or retweeted you.

Perhaps the many important addition to the Twitter experience is the new Facebook and Path-like header print . You can increase your own picture or use a of Twitter's pre-designed offerings. Also on the form redesign is the addition of your print stream, shown next your many new tweets. On the iPad, in particular, this is a good way to obtain a clarity of a user and to implement that additional shade actual estate in an aesthetically gratifying way.

The iPad app moreover features a nifty 3D animated brick passing from one to another when you switch from a account to another. It primarily puts any form on a face of a brick that rotates so that the account you've selected faces you. That arrange of animation has the future for a few major cheese, but it's implemented very well.

The iOS app refurbish introduces at least a sincerely unwelcome change, in line with Twitter's new process changes : Users can right away horde images usually by Twitter, instead of by third-party services similar to TwitPic or yFrog. And in landscape mode, the app doesn't take value of the wider interface: It keeps your twitter streams the same breadth as in mural mode and just adds a few gray space on possibly side.

Twitter implemented other features similar to pull notifications for definite users in a July refurbish to its apps.

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