Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nook Shakes Up UK Inscription Market

US book sequence Barnes Noble skeleton to launch new Nook tablets to one side its e-readers in the UK after that this year.

They will vie against products from Amazon, Kobo, Sony and others.

BN boasts that its not as big inscription - which features a 7in (17.8cm) shade - is the lightest such device to offer a "high definition" experience.

The definite has feel safe placement deals with a few of the country's heading retailers, but may endure since its brand is reduction well known.

While BN and Amazon have motionless to come in the UK's inscription marketplace at the same time, they are embarking not similar strategies: the one-time has motionless to offer its full choice from the start, whilst the latter is selling a more paltry range.

So, whilst BN will offer a 9in (22.9cm) inscription called the Nook HD+ in the UK from mid-November, Amazon has opted to confine sales of its 8.9in Kindle Fire HD to the US is to time being.

This may help BN make inroads in to the larger-screened inscription marketplace - the Nook HD+ is 100 cheaper than Apple's 9.7in iPad 2, and 70 next Samsung's 10.1in Milky Way Tab2.

Competition is expected to be more extreme in the 7in difficulty where the simple 159 Nook HD, featuring 8GB of storage, will vie against likewise labelled offerings from Amazon, Kobo and Elonex together with Asus's 199 Google-branded Nexus 7 tablet.

The Nook tablets run on an blending chronicle of Android 4.0, giving them access to an existing far-reaching operation of third-party software.

BN is moreover gift its own curated magazine, newspaper, book and app stores - and skeleton to increase a video service gift cinema and radio shows by early 2013.

These services can moreover be used on other gadgets permitting users to share element from the tablets to smartphones and PCs.

The preference to restrict which apps may be sole provides the definite with an chance to confine malware. However, a few owners might be undone by the fact they are not offered an opportinity to setup element from possibly the Google Play or Amazon Appstore marketplaces unless they penetrate the machines.

The Nook tablets do not manifestation adverts, unlike the Kindle Fire which shows "special offers" when put in to close mode.

The tablets erect on BN's progressing statement that it would sell its full operation of black-and-white-screened e-book readers in the UK from early-October.

These will include a Simple Touch model featuring a built-in light, permitting it to be used in the dark.

While Amazon has voiced a device with a similar underline for US shoppers - the Kindle Paperwhite - it has not put the model on sale in the UK. However, Kobo does offer the trickery with its new e-reader, the Kobo Glo.

With a inundate of new gadgets forthcoming onto the market, the assorted companies' fortunes may be gritty by their High Street placement deals.

While BN does not run its own stores in the UK, it will sell its products by Sainsbury's and the bookstore Blackwell's.

Kobo's allies include WH Smith and Asda, whilst Amazon has teamed up with Waterstones, Comet, Ryman, Carphone Warehouse and Tesco.

John Lewis, Currys, Personal Computer World and Argos will sell all 3 gadgets together with other similar products done by Sony, Archos, Delium and others.

"A clearer photo of how the marketplace will be widely separated up should come out after this XMas and the selling time right away afterwards," Philip Jones, editor of the Bookseller magazine, told the BBC.

"Barnes Noble is an unknown brand in the UK so it will have to work harder to obtain where Kobo and Kindle are.

"But what is still unknown about the tablets on special discount is how big the non-iPad marketplace will become, and whether they will allure to book-readers.

"Although they are being sole by bookstores, the indication suggests that people do not use tablets to read books to the same border they do on e-ink devices."

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