Monday, September 24, 2012

Strapping On Sony's HMZ-T2 Personal 3D Viewer

The section had a bent to slip down my nose during my hands-on event at TGS , even though this was alleviated rather with the straps tightened. Essentially, the whole weight of the HMZ-T2 is distributed between a desk pad that rests on the front and the tag that circles the user's head. Even with straps tightened, it may be tough to keep the HMZ-T2 stable, that is notably critical to experience the headset's 3D display. we found myself having to arrange it frequently.

Sony was demonstrating the HMZ-T2 with Minna No Golf 6 (AKA Hot Shots Golf 6 ), that probably isn't the most appropriate diversion to showcase the headset's 3D capabilities. Something from a first-person viewpoint might have been more apt, but the 3D outcome seemed about on standard (har har) with that of a 3DS. While the section itself is really shut to the face, the shade appears to be buoyant a few feet away.

The 3D outcome was most conspicuous in sections where visible height was more apparent. Shots on the putting immature and camera cut-aways, in particular, looked best. In other words, sections of gameplay where objects changed toward or divided from the camera, something 3D displays lend towards to do well.

At the finish of the day, however, that's all you have: a head-mounted 3D display. There is no head tracking, creation the $900 cost troublesomely high only to fool around games or watch cinema in 3D. Apart from the more intimate observation experience, you're not getting anything that a decent 3D TV would supply (although we suspect the HMZ-T2 takes up significantly reduction space). The HMZ-T2 is slated for let go in Japan next month.

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