Thursday, September 27, 2012

BlackBerry 10 Could Be Too Little, Too Late

Once the heavenly of IT departments and business-minded consumers the world over, Research in Motion is now suffering from an picture problem.

Even as the BlackBerry device-maker tries to daunt its corporate consumer bottom with a entirely rested working network , a few of the greatest BlackBerry fans - corporate IT departments - have already changed on.

"The fact is, nobody likes it anymore," says a comparison systems director for a New York investment investigate firm, who asked to sojourn anonymous.

The director has seen BlackBerry use inside of his firm tumble to reduction than half of what it was at its peak. The largest organisation of formerly users, his firm's sales team, have been the quickest to travel divided from the platform.

"They do not similar to using technology that they feel is aged since they feel that reflects negatively on them in front of clients," he says.

Waterloo, Ontario-based Research In Motion enjoyed great success via the final decade with its BlackBerry smartphone hardware and software, that valid to be a colossal strike in the buttoned-down business world - and not to mention, a money cow is to creator. But now RIM teeters on the verge of collapse. A new IDC reports shows BlackBerry marketplace share timorous to only 4.8 percent in 2012, a 40.9 percent tumble over its 2011 marketplace share. Chilling figures, but the actual data is forthcoming from the front lines.

Gartner researcher Ken Dulaney told Wired that his firm has conducted surveys of its clients' IT departments, and the direction is not great for RIM.

"We had a most of them going to cut it (BlackBerry) down to a few degree," Dulaney told Wired.

"This could all change next year when they let go BB10," he says. RIM showed off its new working network Tuesday , that includes a one inbox that presents e-mail, a monthly calendar and amicable networking updates all in one place. But Dulaney says the expectation for BB10 isn't relocating the needle as ample as RIM had hoped.

"Those [clients] that do call up are adage they're shortening the BlackBerry head count. Some of are getting off fully, but most of them are of course shortening it."

Dulaney done it coherent that whilst these surveys are unscientific, they do offer a peek of what the craving marketplace is thinking.

Enterprise IT departments frequently deposit deeply when taking advantage of technologies, shopping whole fleets of gadgets and practice scores of workers to give support. With headlines reports detailing the inlet of RIM's suffering, craving customers are restless about investing in a firm - and a stage - that might not be around for long.

It doesn't help that one of the key technologies in the BlackBerry platform, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), is far from cheap.

"The chartering is unequivocally expensive," the IT director told Wired, mainly when pitted against Microsoft's competing product, Active Sync Server. The cost of BES chartering is high sufficient that our source's investment firm is ditching BlackBerry all together in the nearby future.

"Once the BlackBerry users' phone contracts run out, we're not renewing their contracts," he said. "And, the service stipulate for our BlackBerry server came up about two months ago and you didn't replenish it."

"If our BlackBerry server goes down, we're only going to close it down completely," he says.

Like Apple before it, RIM is able of forthcoming back from the brink. The care team has been replaced, and arch selling executive Frank Boulben voiced the company's selling subdepartment is working as one section to display the open to BB10.

The subject is, will the guys in IT keep listening?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chicago Looks To Launch Gigabit Broadband Service

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has long talked of branch Chicago in to a high-tech heart is to Internet, is embarking on new a gigabit essential element plan that includes installing Wi-Fi in many town parks and outfitting 15 blurb corridors with super high-speed gigabit networks.

Emanuel, who voiced the plan this week, mentioned the hope is that this high-speed network would give blurb users in Chicago a leading technological value whilst bringing new business to the city. A second target of the essential element build-out is to give low-cost broadband access to underserved and disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city, and to emanate practice programs to learn residents in those areas the digital skills vital to put that access to use.

"The technological landscape has altered to the indicate where it’s not a nice-to-have," John Tolva, the city’s arch technology officer, told Bloomberg Businessweek. "This is as vital as washed celebration water, at least to the mercantile life of a city."

The Chicago Broadband Challenge, as it was named, was partial on details. There have been at least 3 formerly attempts given 1998 to bring a next-generation Internet network to Chicago, and this a will be left to the in isolation section, universities and other groups to pay for. The mayor invited allies to participate, but mentioned he would wait for to investigate the responses he receives before providing sum as to the city’s involvement.

Emmanuel referred to that as roads are ripped up for programmed H2O infrastructure upgrades, a broadband provider could concurrently setup subterraneous fiber-optic line is to network. The town moreover could giveaway up new ability on existing essential element laid to one side Chicago Transit Authority routes, he added.

Gigabit Internet service is already existing in Chicago at a cost of about $3,500 a month. Chicago officials design to see this cost tumble extremely once gigabit networks are incited on in the 15 directed towards zones. They estimated the build-out could be ended inside of 2 1/2 years.

Emmanuel mentioned the thought came from a suggestion by Google’s Eric Schmidt. Google progressing this year commissioned a gigabit network in Kansas City, Mo., giving the town speeds that are 100 times faster than a simple line modem. The service in Kansas City is existing for both businesses and households.

A flourishing technology residents has moved to Chicago’s River North village in the final year, spurred by startup heart 1871, Excelerate Labs and Google’s preference to immigrate Motorola to Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. Emanuel wants to spread this "Digital Alley" in to the new tech zones where high tech businesses can go on to expand.

IndieGameStand Open For Business, Pay What You Wish For Escape Goat

Escape Goat formerly launched on XBLIG and PC, and tells the story of slumbering sheep, a stubborn goat and his rodent confidante as they compromise puzzles to elude the Prison of Agnus. If that story does nothing for you, it's a retro-inspired baffle platformer and it has a turn editor, and it is redeemable for Personal Computer around Desura.

MagicalTimeBean is giving 10 percent of its sales to the American Red Cross, and will hopefully outlay the rest on additional spaces for its own name and IndieGameStand's. Escape Goat will be existing for 4 days, with a new IndieGameStand diversion voiced on September 30 at 12:01 a.m. ET.

BlackBerry 10 Operating System Unveiled

BlackBerry 10 , the working network Research In Motion has teased for way as well long, has at last been suggested to the developers and press. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins positive that BB10 "will do all stream OS's do, only better."

Developers were supposing with a new BB10-powered handset called "Dev Alpha B," where they could assessment their apps in. The Dev Alpha B is considerably thick and could be a forerunner to an arriving L-Series smartphone.

BB 10 centers on the BlackBerry Hub, a one-stop venue to access business email, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger, and content messages amid others. The new OS is moreover

Another tempting underline is the BlackBerry Peek, wherein users can examine their heart shade from any app without exiting the program. The Peek only requires a finger appropriate to see what content messages, emails, and other notifications are watchful on the phone.

Heins moreover mentioned BB 10 smartphones will advance with the same HDMI and USB connectors seen in formerly BlackBerry devices. "We all can save a few money," Hein mentioned in what could be a poke to iPhone 5's new 8-pin connector called Lightning, that is sole not together and would hasty Apple users to buy a well-defined set of adapters.

The BlackBerry 10, along with new phones that run on it, are set to be expelled next year.

Source: TechRadar UK

Rented Computers 'spied On Sex'

Rented computers from 7 not similar companies discreetly took photographs of their users, US authorities have said.

The companies used program done by US firm Designerware that could follow key strokes and other personal data.

The software, called Personal Computer Rental Agent, prisoner people enchanting in "intimate acts", inclusive sex.

The agreement means the companies are criminialized from using the program that invaded the users' privacy.

However, a few program - such as place tracking - could still be used as long as the companies entangled done it categorically coherent to the users.

It is believed that Personal Computer Rental Agent has been commissioned in roughly 420,000 computers worldwide.

The Federal Trade Commission statute worried a underline in the software, called Detective Mode, that would typically turn activated if the user was late in returning equipment, or unsuccessful to pay for use.

Detective Mode would support the let store in locating the late P.C. to be able to search for its return.

Part of the routine entangled a pop-up window written to look similar to a program registration screen.

It would solicit personal data such as email addresses and write figures that could then be used to search for the users for remuneration and/or the lapse of equipment.

In addition, the FTC mentioned the program had access to sufficient more sensitive information, including: usernames and passwords for email accounts, amicable media websites, and financial institutions.

Among the other data composed were amicable safety numbers; medical records; in isolation emails to doctors; bank and credit card statements.

Webcam cinema of children, to some extent undressed individuals, and close actions at home were moreover found.

In the FTC's grave censure report , it mentioned the program had prisoner "couples intent in passionate activities".

Graham Cluley, from UK-based P.C. safety firm Sophos, mentioned the box highlighted the need for people to be mainly prudent on machines they do not own.

"Whenever you're using someone else's computer, either it's borrowed or rented, you can't always know all of the program on it and what it might be doing," he told the BBC.

"If you are entering an agreement to lease a computer, read the tiny print, and may be regard twice about carrying out anything as well personal on them."

Designerware could not be reached for comment.

Kenya To Switch Off 'fake' Phones

Kenya has fixed that a switch-off of tawdry mobile phones will take place at the finish of the month.

In addition, networks will be banned from activating new "fake" gadgets paid for after 1 October.

Government officials mentioned the pierce was written to safeguard consumers from dangerous materials and to safeguard mobile remuneration systems.

They updated it should moreover help them follow users and confine hostility forward of March's broad election.

The action had originally been scheduled to take place at the finish of 2011, but was twice behind to give subscribers a luck to reinstate their devices. However, the Ministry of Information and Communications has mentioned this would not come about again.

The supervision mentioned 3 million users were using tawdry handsets as of June.

Official information suggests the nation had 29 million mobile phone subscribers at the finish of March.

The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) defines fake handsets as "copies of renouned brands and models done from sub-standard materials" that have not been protected by the organisation.

It mentioned they frequently used "sub-standard components" that had not been put by safety checks and might evacuate aloft than endorsed deviation levels.

They have valid renouned since they are frequently sole at a complicated discounts to bona fide models, interjection in segment to the fact that retailers prevent profitable import taxes.

But the CCK mentioned they had caused an enlarge of forsaken calls for all users since "their incapacity to link up seamlessly to the mobile networks".

Law coercion agencies had moreover complained that a few of the gadgets used repetitious IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) codes, creation it tough to follow down users suspected of using their handsets to outline crimes.

In addition, when the supervision publicised the switch-off in June it moreover related the pierce to efforts to restrict fraud.

"In this period of mobile banking, use of tawdry devices, that are manufactured without due care to the recognized safety standards, may display our mobile allowance systems together with the wider promissory note and financial network to not essential risks," mentioned the communications personal assistant Dr Bitange Ndemo.

"The supervision cannot enable this to come about and thus our preference to have all unregistered SIM cards and tawdry handset mobile phones phased out by 30 September 2012."

The pierce was primarily against by the Consumers Federation of Kenya, a promotion organisation that mentioned the action would retaliate users who were not to censure is to fact fakes were sold.

But final month the organisation forsaken a theat to go to justice to inhibit the switch-off after a investigate referred to many Kenyans upheld the effort.

Sunday's deadline moreover means tawdry models may be not permitted from networks forward of the choosing on 4 Mar 2013.

About 1,300 people were killed and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes since clashes subsequent to 2007's doubtful presidential election.

There is regard the opinion could hint serve violence, and the CCK has referred to that ensuring all mobiles were purebred could deed as a deterrent.

"As the broad elections pull near, we... have an responsibility to make sure that the mobile telecoms attention is not used to commit unstable and to instigate violence," mentioned Francis Wangusi, the commission's executive general.

Users can send a giveaway SMS summary containing their 15-number IMEI ethics to examine that their handset is recognized as genuine.

The fact millions of gadgets will must be transposed presents phone manufacturers with an opportunity to speed up sales.

But there are moreover been worries that deserted handsets could finish up in landfill sites, deleterious the environment.

To minimise the danger Nokia and Samsung have partnered with a local recycling firm and mobile service providers to enable users to safely draw up of tawdry models at gathering points in leading cities.

"Mobile phones enclose many valuable and utilitarian materials that may be recycled, inclusive changed metals and plastics," mentioned Bruce Howe, broad manager for Nokia East Africa.

"For every one million phones recycled, it is probable to redeem scarcely 35kg of bullion and 350kg of silver, that may be re-used in the prolongation of future electronic goods."

The firm updated that it believed Kenya's pierce was a model that could be adopted elsewhere in Africa and beyond.

Nook Shakes Up UK Inscription Market

US book sequence Barnes Noble skeleton to launch new Nook tablets to one side its e-readers in the UK after that this year.

They will vie against products from Amazon, Kobo, Sony and others.

BN boasts that its not as big inscription - which features a 7in (17.8cm) shade - is the lightest such device to offer a "high definition" experience.

The definite has feel safe placement deals with a few of the country's heading retailers, but may endure since its brand is reduction well known.

While BN and Amazon have motionless to come in the UK's inscription marketplace at the same time, they are embarking not similar strategies: the one-time has motionless to offer its full choice from the start, whilst the latter is selling a more paltry range.

So, whilst BN will offer a 9in (22.9cm) inscription called the Nook HD+ in the UK from mid-November, Amazon has opted to confine sales of its 8.9in Kindle Fire HD to the US is to time being.

This may help BN make inroads in to the larger-screened inscription marketplace - the Nook HD+ is 100 cheaper than Apple's 9.7in iPad 2, and 70 next Samsung's 10.1in Milky Way Tab2.

Competition is expected to be more extreme in the 7in difficulty where the simple 159 Nook HD, featuring 8GB of storage, will vie against likewise labelled offerings from Amazon, Kobo and Elonex together with Asus's 199 Google-branded Nexus 7 tablet.

The Nook tablets run on an blending chronicle of Android 4.0, giving them access to an existing far-reaching operation of third-party software.

BN is moreover gift its own curated magazine, newspaper, book and app stores - and skeleton to increase a video service gift cinema and radio shows by early 2013.

These services can moreover be used on other gadgets permitting users to share element from the tablets to smartphones and PCs.

The preference to restrict which apps may be sole provides the definite with an chance to confine malware. However, a few owners might be undone by the fact they are not offered an opportinity to setup element from possibly the Google Play or Amazon Appstore marketplaces unless they penetrate the machines.

The Nook tablets do not manifestation adverts, unlike the Kindle Fire which shows "special offers" when put in to close mode.

The tablets erect on BN's progressing statement that it would sell its full operation of black-and-white-screened e-book readers in the UK from early-October.

These will include a Simple Touch model featuring a built-in light, permitting it to be used in the dark.

While Amazon has voiced a device with a similar underline for US shoppers - the Kindle Paperwhite - it has not put the model on sale in the UK. However, Kobo does offer the trickery with its new e-reader, the Kobo Glo.

With a inundate of new gadgets forthcoming onto the market, the assorted companies' fortunes may be gritty by their High Street placement deals.

While BN does not run its own stores in the UK, it will sell its products by Sainsbury's and the bookstore Blackwell's.

Kobo's allies include WH Smith and Asda, whilst Amazon has teamed up with Waterstones, Comet, Ryman, Carphone Warehouse and Tesco.

John Lewis, Currys, Personal Computer World and Argos will sell all 3 gadgets together with other similar products done by Sony, Archos, Delium and others.

"A clearer photo of how the marketplace will be widely separated up should come out after this XMas and the selling time right away afterwards," Philip Jones, editor of the Bookseller magazine, told the BBC.

"Barnes Noble is an unknown brand in the UK so it will have to work harder to obtain where Kobo and Kindle are.

"But what is still unknown about the tablets on special discount is how big the non-iPad marketplace will become, and whether they will allure to book-readers.

"Although they are being sole by bookstores, the indication suggests that people do not use tablets to read books to the same border they do on e-ink devices."

PS3 Essentials Voiced For European PlayStation Network

Highlights of the of module add the initial 3 Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Far Cry 2 and Infamous . The prices start at £9.99/14.99, that might be a difficult sell as a "bargain," given you can collect up many of these games for reduction by on foot ( ew , who wants to do that?) to the store. The principal indicate here is that Sony continues diagram consideration to its digital placement of full games.

Check out the full list on the PlayStation EU blog , more games will be updated this year to the stream offerings.

DTS Features MPEG-DASH Approximate Sound Solution

DTS showcased its ultimate high-definition approximate sound solutions that encouragement MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over at IBC2012.

DTS-HD is a entirely MPEG-DASH matching approximate sound codec and includes the DTS Express profile, that can broach HD-quality stereo or approximate sound in a singular 192kb/s bitstream, enabling calm providers to span the highest-quality audio probable with their calm opposite a probably infinite operation of playback devices.

Recently certified as an ISO standard, MPEG-DASH was primarily written to offer as a concept typical for adaptive-bit-rate (ABR) smoothness that integrates the most appropriate elements of existing exclusive ABR technologies.

Univision Enhances Operational Efficiency, Business Intelligence For Broadcast With Harris Media Software Solutions

MELBOURNE, FL/DENVER September 25, 2012 - Univision Communications Inc ., the heading media firm portion Hispanic America, has renewed and stretched its apartment of Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) media program solutions - introducing new synergies opposite business and on-air operations whilst enhancing prominence in to rising business trends and opportunities.

Univision has lengthened its HarrisOSi-Traffic™media program stipulate for up to 5 years, and will serve streamline business workflows with the HarrisLive-Update™ answer . Live-Update will enable Univision-owned TV hire groups in 21 markets to automatically interpret real-time changes to traffic and promotion schedules roughly right away up to airtime. The formation eliminates handbook processes, severely enhancing functional effectiveness for traffic, sales and chief control.

The Live-Update answer will seamlessly confederate OSi™traffic and billing program with existing HarrisADC™automated calm administration and placement systems , using BXF information exchange. The parsimonious formation moreover ensures that staff can make smart decisions on ad placements and scheduling changes from the business office, with the certainty that Live-Update will well interpret all changes to industrialisation in time for announce - and determine those calm updates between traffic logs and industrialisation playlists once broadcast.

HarrisNetGain™business comprehension and review program strengthens perception in to business trends and opportunities is to network. The primary deployment will enable corporate staff to erect law dashboards with OSi data, and automatically broach visible reports and analytics to sales managers.

NetGain delivers abounding information and minute metrics scored equally to business operations, with the adaptableness to emanate and broach law reports to both administration and sales staff. The open, multisource NetGain pattern allows users to precedence information from many other business systems, and combine that information in to visual, easy-to-comprehend reports that can track, investigate and help to upgrade business performance.

"The skill to tie workflow processes and enlarge prominence in to business trends gives Univision two key functional benefits that go well over what a simple traffic and billing network can offer," mentioned Harris Morris, president, Harris Broadcast Communications. "These unique collection moreover broach functional efficiencies that aggressive solutions cannot provide, giving Univision more perception in to new income opportunities whilst accelerating speed and capability opposite the workflow."

About Harris Corporation
Harris is an general communications and information technology firm portion supervision and blurb markets in more than 125 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the firm has approximately $5.5 billion of annual income and about 15,000 employees-including 6,000 engineers and scientists. Harris is dedicated to building best-in-class positive communications products, systems and services. Additional information about Harris Corporation is existing at .

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