Thursday, September 20, 2012

Greek DTT Network User Selects Agama Technologies For Headend Monitoring

Digea , a consortium of 7 in isolation Greek broadcasters, has choosen Agama Technologies to supply a headend monitoring answer for its digital terrestrial transmissions of in isolation channels opposite Greece.

The consortium operates a national DTT network transmitting both national and informal in isolation channels. It now supports two national DVB-T SFN multiplexes and 3 local SFN multiplexes is to Attika region. To assure the service high quality of its headend streams from the ride to the calm layers, Digea has choosen an modernized monitoring answer from Agama. The deployment is being executed beneath the lead of Cybertec, a systems integrator with 25 years of participation in the local market.

Digea choosen the Agama answer formed on its adjustable and modular structure, and its capability to supply minute technical data that allows for hurried complaint breakthrough and structured repercussions and base result in analysis.

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