Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Edifier Prisma Bluetooth Desktop Speaker System

There's a reason many subwoofers have boring, cube-like designs: They're meant to be tucked in to a dilemma or beneath a cabinet, out of steer and out of mind.

Edifier's 2.1-channel Bluetooth sound network bucks that gathering with a subwoofer that's so elegant, so eye-catching, it would be crook to conseal it away. And therein lies the conundrum: Do you make room on your table or bookshelf for that charming woofer, or let its looks go to waste products someplace unseen?

A first-world problem, yes, but a value grappling with. The Prisma E3350BT is not usually easy on the eyes, but moreover overwhelming on the ears - save for a couple of teenager miscues.

Edifier's curvy, pyramid-shaped subwoofer comes flanked by taller, more monolithic satellites, all of them coated in your selection of silver, white, or black. Whatever the finish, this is a sexy-looking orator system.

Together, the 5-inch downward-firing subwoofer, 2.75-inch midranges and 19mm PV architecture tweeters holder out 48 watts of audio goodness. That's an splendid amount of power for a network of this size, and the outcome is sufficient oomph to expand a small- or medium-size room with music.

Music, and wires. The Prisma indispensably employs a few of them: a to link the satellites, a to link up the satellites to the subwoofer, a for AC power, and a fourth is to connected volume-control puck.

That puck engenders churned feelings. It's smooth and lead and ringed in radiant blue, and it hides available headphone and line-in jacks. But it controls usually the volume. The Prisma's power symbol sits atop the subwoofer, whilst its bass-volume manage hides beneath it. Why not organisation all these controls together on the puck?

To wit: To access that drum volume dial, you have to examine at the back and beneath the subwoofer. And if you wish to block something in to the lesser line-in jack, you have small selection but to collect up the subwoofer and flip it over. It's a vital benefaction to the design, even though at least not something you'll must be attend to often.

Indeed, the many attractive way to use the Prisma is to span your phone or inscription for wireless streaming of your playlists, Pandora stations, Spotify picks, and the like. Just a problem: This network boundary you to a interconnected device at a time. Plenty of other Bluetooth gizmos can accustom at least two. This will unquestionably result in hassles in multi-device households.

The great headlines - no, the most appropriate headlines - is that the Prisma network sounds superb. Its midrange comes by burly and smooth, and it delivers more than sufficient drum to keep the joint jumping and thumping.

Bluetooth stereo frequently gets knocked for compressing audio, and nonetheless my ears had no complaints with the on the whole high quality of the speakers - considerably the conflicting - there's just a keep track of "muffledness" that might be attributable to that compression. More perceptive listeners might prefer to block in their gadgets rsther than than vouchsafing Bluetooth muddle with their music's fidelity.

It's value observant that the Prisma has a cost label descend than some standalone Bluetooth "brick" speakers, many particularly the Bose SoundLink and Jawbone's Big Jambox . The models lift off some skilled feats of audio wizardry, but they do not - they can't - sound wherever nearby as "big" as the E3350BT.

WIRED Big, smooth sound. So beautiful, it'll upgrade your dcor, not lead astray from it. Two auxiliary inputs, a on the sub, a on the remote. Priced descend than many single-speaker Bluetooth systems.

TIRED Pairs with usually a device at a time. Sexy subwoofer pattern squandered on a part that will probably finish up on the floor. Controls are expansion out rsther than than centralized on the volume puck, inclusive a that's shoehorned beneath the ‘woofer.

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