Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pebble Beach Launches Stingray Channel-in-a-Box

Pebble Beach Systems launches a new channel-in-a-box solution. The Stingray industrialisation is modular product, formed around a core media server database with StingrayTX playout channels are updated as preferred to scale the system. The product is written for a elementary install, andis shipped as a entirely configured section for swift on-site installation,with an discerning interface written is to most of playout requirements.

Peter Hajittofi , Managing Director of Pebble Beach, explained how "many duct do not need the underline set of a harvesting machine a network." Acknowledging that many channels do not need the lack of simplicity ofMarina multi-channelautomation, "We redesigned the user interface, creation it easier to run, and nude down the facilities." Stingray uses the proven 64-bit technology of the existing Pebble Beach product line, but the network is optimized for channel-in-a-box applications.

Stingray TX can pass by a live input, together with periodic scheduled shave playout. An entire DVE provides squeezeback of a live source or inner clips, and a several keyer allows for outmost key sources. One user can manage many channels of Stingray from a singular user interface.

Stingray uses the Flash stage for striking template creation, permitting broadcasters to daub in to the far-reaching accessibility of striking artists with Flash skills. Stingray can playback Flash animation, up to 4 layers and supports the use of outmost information to stock striking templates for conventional promotional graphics similar to ‘now/next/later’ and ‘çoming next’ interstitials.

For feast the StringrayIN provides a twin duct encoder with present examination of feast jobs. The Stingray has far-reaching encouragement for not similar video formats inclusive H.264, DVCPRO, and MPEG-2. There is full denunciation localization existing around Unicode disposition sets, and an elective subtitling module.

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