Thursday, September 6, 2012

Miranda Introduces ITX Playout Hardware

Miranda Introduces iTX Playout Hardware

iTX Playout Appliance is rock-solid substructure for modernized iTX program features

IBC, Amsterdam, Stand 8.D41 - Miranda Technologies, a brand of Belden Inc., a universal provider of integrated solutions for production, playout and smoothness systems for radio broadcasters and multi-system operators, has launched iTX Playout Appliance, a dedicated hardware substructure for Miranda’s rarely modernized iTX programmed playout platform.

The Miranda iTX Playout Appliance is a robust, 1RU hardware device that right away provides existing and potential iTX customers the ease of use of a singular call answer for software, hardware and encouragement - with a selection of the new iTX apparatus or an HP self-provisioned server - simplifying ordering, designation and deployment of an iTX programmed playout system.

"The foreword of iTX Playout Appliance demonstrates our definite undertaking to broach worth by successive alleviation of our product portfolio," mentioned Jason Rogers, Miranda’s comparison clamp president, Workflow and Playout. "Its gain as a plain and arguable substructure for iTX program is suited by its ease of use as a device existing with iTX pre-installed, or as an simply configured on-site pairing with an existing iTX program framework."

The iTX Playout Appliance is existing in single- or dual-channel configurations. It supports typical iTX duct packages and elective plug-ins, absolute real-time graphics, embedded Dolby D and E estimate and ANC information such as captions, watermarking and SCTE 104 messaging.

Other benefits add fault-tolerant RAID 10 hoop storage, a swift loading, opening enhancing solid-state network expostulate and dual, user-replaceable power supplies.

Rogers adds, "The iTX Playout Appliance carries a pinned token that customers know and trust. It is ready, arguable and entirely upheld by decades of customer-focused engineering and design."

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About Miranda Technologies

For over 22 years, Miranda Technologies ( ) has been a heading worldwide provider of hardware and program solutions is to radio broadcast, cable, heavenly body and IPTV industry. Its solutions camber the full extent of radio operations, inclusive production, playout and delivery. With a riches of experience in delivering IT-based and normal radio systems, Miranda is singly positioned to help customers complement their facilities, whilst generating extra revenue, shortening expenses and streamlining operations. Miranda was acquired in July 2012 by St. Louis-based Belden Inc. and is the cornerstone of its announce division. Belden is a worldwide personality in the design, produce and selling of cables, connectivity and networking products for many industries inclusive broadcast, entertainment, consumer electronics, education, travel and industrial automation. For more information, revisit .

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