Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nokia Unveils Windows Handsets

Nokia has denounced its initial handsets powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 working system.

The flagship device - the Lumia 920 - features wireless charging and a "PureView" camera that the mobile definite mentioned offering improved video and still images than opponent smartphones.

Nokia's loss deepened to 1.41bn euros (1.1bn) in its final gain entertain after it mislaid marketplace share.

Its New York press discussion comes in the centre of a number of launches.

Samsung has already shown off a Windows Phone 8 device, and LG and Sony have moreover not long ago suggested their new top-of-the-range Android mobiles.

Apple, Motorola and HTC all have events programmed over the next 3 weeks developing additional contest for Nokia as it heads in to the active winter holidays selling period.

Investors throw skepticism over the Finnish firm's chances sending its shares scarcely 14% lower.

The Lumia 920 features a Snapdragon S4 processor, a 4.5in (11.4cm) winding screen, and may be used whilst wearing gloves.

It moreover features a few Nokia-only functions written to make it mount out from other Windows Phone 8 devices.

The Finnish definite claimed that "floating lens technology" meant the handset could takeover up to 10 times the amount of light than other handsets.

It mentioned the advantages were brighter, clearer indoor images that would be reduction disposed to fuzz caused by fluid hands than some SLR (single lens reflex) cameras on the marketplace that underline bigger and more costly lenses.

However, some users may be unhappy it features an 8.7-megapixel sensor, many times next the 41MP fortitude sensor on an progressing PureView device.

The definite moreover

But the title underline for many will be the fact that the mobile may be recharged without having to block it in.

Nokia has propitious the handset with technology permitting it to take power by alluring initiation from fitting bases. It conforms to the rising Qi attention standard, that should make the Lumia handset matching with bases written for other devices.

In add-on to selling its own recharging station, Nokia mentioned the US's Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sequence and Virgin Atlantic's Heathrow airfield bar loll would fit apparatus permitting visitors to power up the Lumia handsets, offering it uninformed opportunities to publicize the feature.

A cheaper Lumia 820 was moreover detailed.

It shares the same working network and NFC (near margin communication) technology as the 920, but has a not as big screen, descend high quality camera and requires the buy of an elective extraneous bombard to increase wireless charging.

Tony Cripps, leading researcher at tech consultancy Ovum, was certain about the device's chances notwithstanding pale sales for Nokia's Windows Phone 7 predecessors.

"The company's concentration on enhancing the imaging capabilities of its smartphones is a in accord with plan in an age when significant variance between not similar creates of smartphone may be hard to identify," he said.

"There could be moreover a actual chance here for Nokia and Microsoft to take advantage of any lack of Samsung's Android-powered smartphones in the marketplace subsequent to the US justice statute against the Korean hulk in its obvious disagreement with Apple, nonetheless anything as well blatant on that front would appear similar to a low blow."

But Francisco Jeronimo, investigate executive at IDC, warned that Nokia would not have the Windows Phone 8 marketplace to itself.

"If Samsung is major about Windows Phone 8, it will significantly increase its marketing budgets to sell aloft volumes than Nokia in the forthcoming quarters," he said.

"It is thus critical for Nokia to go on leading the Windows Phone volumes.

"For that it needs a universal launch and not one in 'selected markets' only. When Nokia WP8 gadgets advance out, Nokia will have to govern its most appropriate functional and sales skills ever."

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