Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bridge Technologies' VB330 Adds Bulk OTT Engine

Bridge Technologies is shipping a new lasting OTT monitoring engine for its high-performance VB330 core network probe.

The elective Bulk OTT Engine may be enabled on any existing VB330 to supply complex monitoring of considerable volumes of OTT streams. The OTT engine tests evident files, profiles, lump download speed and many more parameters, to broach thorough information on OTT service quality, together with customizable alarms to inform staff to future or real problems. The engine supports Smoothstream, HLS and HDS, and is M-DASH-ready.

Designed for high-density applications at points of limit information throughput in today’s 10GB core networks, the VB330 with OTT choice offers telcos, network operators, and digital media organizations a monitoring answer with the future for scaling to tie in roughly any turn of throughput.

OTT monitoring ability may be updated as an choice to the whole line of Bridge Technologies probes, to give loyal end-to-end OTT monitoring ability to one side monitoring of cable, heavenly body and terrestrial services, without adding not essential additional layers of infrastructure. Operators of ‘TV everywhere’ and OTT services can right away guard OTT information high quality and opening at all points in the smoothness chain, from feast onwards.

Deployed wherever in the smoothness sequence the active OTT technology gives exact successive analysis of OTT river accessibility and smoothness in that segment of the chain, correlated against information from probes located upstream and downstream. Intelligent self-configuration capabilities make sure minimal set up requirements, without requiring dilettante knowledge, and operations core staff can beginning monitoring streams simply by entering the url.

Operational staff can guard OTT services inside of Bridge Technologies’ aware graphically-rich modernized monitoring environment, to one side broadcast-IP services.

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