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Canon XA10 Compact Professional HD Camcorder Helps KRGV-TV5 Win Regional Emmy For Feature News Report

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., Aug 14, 2012 - Smaller-market TV stations face a regular dare to create compelling, cost-effective local headlines that builds audiences among multichannel competition. For KRGV TV-5, in Weslaco, Texas, discussion that dare combines award-winning broadcasting with affordable, ultra condensed XA10 veteran HD camcorders from Canon U.S.A., Inc., a personality in digital imaging solutions. Equipped with infrared features for sharpened in complete darkness, the station’s hand-held Canon XA10 HD camcorders were instrumental in producing "The Battle in Brooks County," a special inform on the predicament of unlawful immigrants that won a 2011 Lone Star Emmy Award. Reporter Jordan Williams and photographer Mike Ortiz accompanied sheriff’s deputies on night patrols of immeasurable ranchlands and used the XA10 HD camcorders to document the perils of unlawful immigrants deserted by human traffickers in the deserts of southern Texas.

"During the past decade, our area has seen hundreds of unlawful immigrants cranky the border, obtain mislaid in the brush, and die," Williams explained. "We were out on unit a day and found two group who were droughty and in really bad health. Mike had his shoulder-mounted ENG camera and we had the Canon XA10, and we did an present two-camera fire correct there on the side of the road. The group told us their story and were suffering so really bad they had to be taken to the hospital. It’s a coming after that will always hang in my mind."

"We prisoner unforgettable footage at night as well, inclusive interviews with volunteers who unit the ranchlands in the dim seeking for mislaid unlawful immigrants," Ortiz added. "The XA10 is small, versatile, non-intimidating, and it gives us great video. That’s what we need in my line of work."

Capable of sharpened in conditions with small tono ambient light, the Canon XA10 veteran HD camcorder features infrared video takeover and an infrared emitter with a diffuser, together with a immature or white shade choice to fire HD infrared imagery even in complete darkness.

Professional Creative Control

Weighing only 1.7 lbs., the Canon XA10 veteran HD camcorder captures 1080p Full HD video using an AVCHD codec recording to a 64GB inner spark drive or two SDXC-compatible card slots. Equipped with a built-in Genuine Canon 10x HD wizz lens (with a 35mm homogeneous wizz operation of 30.4mm - 304mm), Canon 1/3-inch local 1920 x 1080 CMOS picture sensor, and Canon DIGIC DV III picture processor, the XA10 provides users with complete handbook manage for creative, veteran use. The handbook controls add non-static support rates (60i, PF30, PF24, and local 24p), shiver speed, orifice control, earn control, white change (adjustable from 2000K to 15,000K in 100K increments), and wizz speed. The concentration ring on the lens may be set for MANUAL, and users can set the citation of revolution together with 3 levels of reply control. In add-on to the concentration ring, auto-focus speed may be practiced for well-spoken transitions, together with to a FACE-ONLY AF mode permitting for a confused picture as a person walks off-screen. The XA10’s lens moreover features Canon’s SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) network with STANDARD, DYNAMIC, and POWERED IS modes for solid video in many any sharpened situation.

Packing a Big Punch

"As the station’s one-time arch photographer we know cameras," remarkable KRGV operations executive Israel Alfaro. "I do the bill is to headlines department, and look for apparatus that can help the headlines team. The Canon XA10 held my consideration since its infrared features. We do a lot of clandestine headlines here in South Texas, where nights are dim out in the brush of plantation country. The XA10 moreover held my consideration for its HD picture quality, veteran features, mobility, and file-based workflow convenience. It’s only similar to joining an outmost hard disk to your P.C. editor. we showed it to our headlines director and she longed for a immediately. The XA10 is small but it packs a large punch in high quality and looks good and pointy on the air in HD. It’s moreover really cost-effective. We only purchased a second one."

Additional features of the Canon XA10 HD camcorder add a 3.5-inch high-resolution (922,000-dot) touch-panel fold-out LCD screen that may be flipped for piece for one person sharpened with the LCD confronting the subject. The XA10 moreover includes a 0.24-inch, 260,000-dot shade EVF for use in splendid daytime or other conditions that could head off use of the LCD. For checking vicious focus, a Touch and Track underline provides present concentration and bearing improvement on any indicate of fascination overwhelmed on the LCD. Auto concentration and bearing may be practiced exclusively or incited off for full handbook operation. Also, two peaking modes and a 2X enlarge focus-assist function are existing in STANDBY and RECORD mode on both the LCD and EVF. The XA10 moreover features Canon’s Edge Monitor Focus Assist system, that displays a immature guard at the bottom of the LCD. A immature waveform provides energetic concentration feedback to intuitively melody concentration or rapidly change the region of focus. A law key and dial enable for convenient, one-touch access to assorted functions such as concentration or bearing and are set by the camcorder’s menu system.

The Canon XA10 HD camcorder features a built-in stereo microphone and a detachable hoop for low-angle shooting. The hoop includes twin XLR inputs, audio switches, audio turn dials, and a separable microphone holder. The XA10 supports Dolby Digital 2ch (AC-3 2-channel) with automatic and handbook audio-level adjustments.

"Some of the most appropriate sounds bites in ‘The Battle in Brooks County’ were the interviews we did with the camera mic correct there in the center of darkness," Williams noted. "It worked only fine."

Raising the Bar

"I have taken the XA10 to assorted locations and use it both on regular day-of stories and special projects, and it has been a actual asset," Ortiz explained. "I still admire my shoulder-mount camera, but the condensed pattern of the XA10 enables me to obtain more angles, that is really important for a photographer. we regard that hand-held and shoulder-mounted cameras can work really well together, and if you’ve got them both then you’re going to bring back a few really great footage. we am able to implement both during multi-camera shoots. we can target the XA10 at my gift or my theme and can tie in the audio up, and it functions wonderfully. we had the XA10 up in a helicopter and gave it to the contributor to obtain shots of the commander whilst we shot aerial footage with my shoulder-mount. The XA10 functions great in assorted scenarios and it’s small, versatile, and gives you great B-roll, great video and great colors. The XA10 is a useful additional camera that lets you make your video more convincing and your story that sufficient better."

"The XA10 gives us the ability not only to have great night shots but moreover more shots during the day from not similar angles that you wouldn’t routinely get," Williams stated. "We keep both of our XA10 HD camcorders charged and we squeeze them when we are sharpened a story that might lend itself to multi-part angles. From a reporter’s perspective, that raises the club of any story."

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