Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Litepanels To Uncover New LED Lighting Products At IBC

At IBC2012, Litepanels will uncover a choice of new LED lighting products. The firm will deliver the 1x1 LS, the newest tie in the 1x1 LED row series. For those who do not need DMX control, the 1x1 LS offers many of the features found in the 1x1 row fixtures but at an entry-level price. The 1x1 LS fixtures are existing in daytime shade balance, possibly inundate (50 beam) or mark (30 beam).

Also creation its IBC entrance is the daylight-balanced LED Luma, that features a high-output, wide-beam point of view hurl that is written to redefine on-camera light performance. Along with its sister product, the non-static shade heat LED Croma light, the fixtures share the same form reason to supply preferred battery-powered on-camera light collection is to on-the-go shooter.

The new Sola ENG LED Fresnel lighting pack moreover will be shown. Complete with a law airline carry-on sized case, the Sola ENG Flight Kit consists of 3 Litepanels Sola ENG Fresnel fixtures and trappings inclusive stands, gels, power reserve and cables, barndoors and soothing box.

And finally, the firm will present its Inca array tungsten offset LED Fresnel fixtures, that are color-matched to illuminated tungsten lighting fixtures. Inca Fresnels are existing in 4in and 6in lens sizes, with more on the way.

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