Friday, August 31, 2012

Snell Introduces Kahuna Flare

Snell has rolled out the Kahuna Flare, the newest associate of the company’s apartment of SD/HD/1080p multiformat prolongation switchers.

The mid-level switcher offers typical single-link 1080p encouragement to one side SD and HD formats, creation it preferred for over-the-air broadcasts, IP or Internet smoothness platforms, and even considerable forward-thinking shade presentations. With versions trimming from 2 M/E to 4 M/E, Kahuna Flare offers 4 keyers per M/E and two channels of 3D DVE, all in a singular 6U shelve frame. The network comes typical with 48 inputs and 24 outputs, with the choice to ascent to 60 inputs and 32 outputs.

Snell’s FormatFusion3 gives Kahuna Flare users flexibility in using multi-part vigilance formats, enabling them to blend SD, HD and 1080p inputs and outputs concurrently as compulsory to encounter any placement need. The network is comprised of a Kahuna manage surface, a graphical user interface and a 6U wiring unit, all written for ease of designation and operation.

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