Saturday, August 25, 2012

WRUP: Joystiq's UK Bureau

What's everybody playing?

Alexander Sliwinski (@ Sliwinski ): I'm someway getting entangled in Guild Wars 2 . Really have no thought because I'm carrying out it. I've listened great things and I'm open to the chance of being putrescent with MMO after 3 years sober. Also, Dust: An Elysian Tale as shortly as possible.

Ben Gilbert (@ RealBenGilbert ): Papo Yo me are gonna obtain close, and we might stay up actual late and fool around Dyad when I'm only about to drop asleep. Gotta keep my brain on its toes! Oh and Minecraft of march forever.

David Hinkle (@ DaveHinkle ): My week end is going to be flattering active and I've got two not similar daydream drafts going on, so I'm not certain I'll have ample time for gaming.

JC Fletcher (@ jcfletcher ): we have reviews to work on, as always, so ... it's the best time to break out Alien Storm is to initial time in 20 years or so!

Jess Conditt (@ JessConditt ): Sleep. How long does general jet loiter last?

Jordan Mallory (@ Jordan_Mallory ): I'll be knee-deep in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD is to foreseeable future. As it turns out, 1999's Jordan Mallory wasn't obviously great at fighting games similar to 2012's Jordan Mallory is, so I've got a lot of re-learning to do.

Ludwig Kietzmann (@ LudwigK ): My parents are in locale this weekend, so that means they'll have to watch me fool around Transformers: Fall of Cybertron .

Mike Schramm (@ MikeSchramm ): I've been personification Darksiders 2 , and Puzzle Craft . Also Puzzle Craft, Puzzle Craft , and Puzzle Craft . In conclusion, Puzzle Craft.

Mike Suszek (@ MikeSuszek ): Now that I've wrapped up my Madden 13 review, I'm checking out FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 this week. A not similar type of football! ... we can say that, right? Since I'm previewing those games? Yeah? Otherwise, I'm still personification Madden 13... who am we kidding? Online joining fool around starts soon!

Richard Mitchell (@ TheRichardM ): Inspired by my time with Enemy Unknown at Gamescom, I'm perplexing my own "Iron Man" run of the original X-COM . One save file, no reloading during missions. It's ... not going well.

Sinan Kubba (@ Shoinan ): I've been personification Soulcalibur V , that is flattering OK. Oh and Dust , that is improved than OK, and moreover reduction jiggly.

Steven Wong : Now that I'm completed punching the crap out of crime in Sleeping Dogs , we regard it's time to go on that direction by at last finishing LA Noire .

Xav de Matos (@ Xav ): Lots of Sound Shapes , Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , and Gunpoint (a great indie diversion you should look in to).

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