Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The World Ends With You's Solo Remix: A Tiny Step Toward Something Greater

As always, the recoil was predictable, and Square Enix didn't help themselves with their countdown or the cost indicate ( $20 or $18 depending on iOS device - yikes). But I'm certain Square Enix had its reasons; those reasons being:

It's a comparatively easy way for Square Enix to go on gauging renouned fascination in the series.

The World Ends With You was originally written with touchscreen encouragement in mind, that translates easily to mobile gadgets (the insufficient of a second shade for Neku's associate is other matter).

It will may spin a profit. we listen to businesses similar to money.

There is, of course, the entire situation with the insufficient of a second screen. Square Enix's answer seems to be to tumble Neku's associate and increase a couple of extra hold components. Is it ideal? Probably not. But the twin shade part wasn't precisely the selling indicate is to initial diversion either. If anything, more people have complained to me about how hard it is to manage two characters at once than about the disposition designs (which sojourn ... interesting).

If there's a problem, it's that Square Enix doesn't appear to "get" the iOS platform. The World Ends With You is a long way from the trashy Chrono Trigger dock from a couple years back, but the app is not concept opposite the iPad and iPod/iPhone. That alone suggests that Square Enix has usually the faintest thought of what iOS users unequivocally want.

I are unaware that there's a answer to that issue. we don't regard that all Square Enix iOS RPGs should be as elementary as Battleheart ; but I'm moreover wakeful that aloft prolongation values advance at a price, and that iOS fans aren't always peaceful to pay that price. Maybe the answer is to make them free-to-play (or very cheap) and maintain on practical goods. In any case, Square Enix RPGs are of course acquire on mobile devices, but there's still a few tweaking to do.

The feeling we obtain is that The World Ends With You is one step the thoroughfare to something greater. Maybe shortly Square will figure out how to request its properties to the iOS in a way that indeed does fit the platform. Maybe shortly we'll have a real, live continuation to one of the most appropriate RPGs on the Nintendo DS. We'll just have to wait.

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