Monday, August 27, 2012

Vinten To Showcase Vision Blue5 At IBC 2012

Vinten , segment of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, will showcase its Vision blue5 vessel and lean head and tripod network at this year’s IBC2012 in mount 11.E55.

The Vision blue5 has the same glorious functionality as the exceedingly successful Vision blue system, but with a aloft carrying ability of 12.1lb to 26.5lb/5.5kg to 12kg @ 100mm CofG. This creates the Vision blue5 preferred to encouragement the ultimate era of incomparable cameras used by veteran videographers.

The network is the ultimate add-on to the company’s eminent Vision operation and the second add-on to the blue array of lightweight vessel and lean heads and systems. The operation provides today’s camera operators with real announce high quality and well-developed performance.

The whole Vinten Vision operation offers a cost efficient answer whilst delivering all of the high quality and opening operators have advance to design from a Vinten Vision head. This includes Vinten’s Perfect Balance technology, providing conform to transformation and easy positioning of the camera at any angle, together with its LF draw towards technology that enables full manage of the camera at any turn of movement.

Also on manifestation at IBC 2012 will be a few other products from Vinten’s rarely highly thought of operation of camera encouragement products inclusive the Vision blue, the Vision AS range, Vision 100 and 250, the Vector operation inclusive the Vector 430S and of course, a far-reaching preference of Studio and OB Pedestals, tripods and accessories.

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