Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gadget Lab Show: Apple V. Samsung And Microsoft's New Mouse And Keyboard

This week on the Gadget Lab Show, the group talks about the Apple v. Samsung hearing and takes a look at a couple of new Microsoft hardware accessories.

First up reviews editor Michael Calore and staff bard Christina Bonnington confer the Apple v. Samsung obvious trials that began in San Jose, California, at the finish of July. The two companies have strike any other with back-and-forth obvious lawsuits is to past year, culminating in this case. Apple is suing Samsung for infringing on pattern patents is to iPhone and the iPad, together with user interface experiences. Samsung is suing Apple for infringing on its 3G-related patents.

Several firm management team are moreover receiving the mount and divulgence a few formerly different stories, inclusive how the iPhone, iPad and iOS came to be , together with display off early prototypes of devices. To grasp up on all of the hearing details, read Christina's past coverage here and keep up with any future updates, as the hearing is approaching to final by the finish of August.

Next up, staff bard Alexandra Chang joins Michael to speak about two new Microsoft accessories: the Wedge Mobile Keyboard and the Wedge Touch Mouse . Both are Bluetooth gadgets that are done for arriving Windows 8 tablets and PCs. The set of keys features a casing that functions three times task as an on/off switch together with a inscription stand. And the unique-looking rodent is done for on-the-go use. (Think airplanes and coffee shops.) With Surface tablets set to launch this fall, these two peripherals only serve denote Microsoft's undertaking to industrial design.

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Or attend to the audio below:

Gadget Lab audio podcast #167

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