Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Phone Staff 'mislead On Prices'

Shop staff are dubious customers over prearranged cost mobile phone contracts, according to a consumer group's poser selling exercise.

Undercover shoppers from Which? went in to 39 phone shops and asked if the cost would stay the same via the length of the contract.

In 82% of cases, staff gave improper data about the deals.

However, phone companies can take value of a stipulation that allows them to enlarge prices.

Which? mentioned that 4 out of 5 of the large mobile operators had increased prices in the past year on contracts that customers might have think were fixed. Most were rises of more than 3%.

"It is completely unsatisfactory that people are not being told the full story about prospective cost rises when signing up to contracts in mobile phone shops," mentioned Richard Lloyd, Which? senior manager director.

"Shockingly, even when you asked right away about cost increases, the immeasurable most of staff denied this could happen. There should be no nasty surprises after signing a mobile contract."

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