Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SBE Owner And Announce Consultant, John Battison Dies

The announce attention mislaid a great operative and a actual buddy currently with the demise of John Battison.

Broadcast Engineering readers might stop his early participation in the publication as the editor. In fact, it was in the December, 1961 of Broadcast Engineering situation where John initial referred to the arrangement of a the public for air wave and television engineers, that became the SBE.

He was successful in that project, and currently SBE has more than 5500 members from around the world.

John had a joyful mannerism and rapid wit, ever ready with a "I recollect when…" story.

He once told the story adage he was probably the usually associated commander to ever tumble a explosve on kind territory. He told of drifting over France when a explosve vice unsuccessful causing a explosve to fall nearby a church. "No damage done" he said.

John Battison was a great engineer, father, husband, and to many of us, a actual friend. He will be severely missed.

Our condolences are lengthened to his daughter, Victoria and son Mark and his spouse Sara.

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