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Digital Artist Julien Bayle [Interview]

Julien Bayle is a digital artist and technology developer, and his work is an glorious starting indicate for any person meddlesome in the DIY man-machine interfaces.

Back in 2008, Julien combined a counterpart of the Monome , a manage aspect consisting in a pattern of leds and buttons whose functioning is tangible by software. It was called Bonome and RGB leds were used, instead of monochromatic leds of the typical model. Here are the instructions to erect it.

Some time later, desirous by the DIY coordinator used by Monolake, Julien motionless to erect its own Protodeck to manage Ableton Live.

Recently we stumbled on his post patrician "Arduino is the Power" and we detected that Julien has proposed essay a book about the Arduino platform. So we think that periodic readers of the Arduino Blog would acquire an talk with this engaging guy. And here it is!

Andrea Reali: Tell us something about you.

Julien Bayle:I'm Julien Bayle from France. I'm a digital artist and technology evangelist. I'm inside computers world since my father paid for us a Commodore 64, around 1982.
I'm using song softwares since the initial sound-trackers and we began to work with visuals as well with my Amiga 500, using a few initial POV-like softwares.
we initial began by working as an IT Security Architect by day, then we stop work to be usually what we am currently and notably to be unequivocally giveaway to go on my journey inside art technology.
I'm providing courses consulting growth around open-source technology similar to Arduino, java/processing but moreover notably with Max6 graphical programming horizon that is my speciality. Max6 is unequivocally an world itself and we'd need more than one life to uncover all features. As an Ableton Certified Trainer, I'm still training that a bit.
All technology always provides collection to accomplish art. we theory my trail comes from pristine technology and goes to pristine art.

AR: How did you obtain meddlesome in the area you're meddlesome in?

JB: we always think technology was usually a apparatus to accomplish projects, inventive or not.
Progressively, we accepted that pristine technology could be engaging itself as well and we began to pick up as a lunatic but without forgetful about requesting theory, illustrating each bit of knowledge.
Each time we pick up something, we feel ideas forthcoming in my head, probable applications looming in front of my eyes similar to "wow this completely brief Interrupt Service Routine is wily but it can supply THE way to make this RGB Leds pattern driven usually by that CPU with few outputs"
we completed the protodeck similar to that, gradually learning creation at the same time, occurrence a few plain walls but at last anticipating my way violation them!
We all need outrageous determination to make things, notably today. Indeed, all appear integrated, already made, and you have to turn your thoughts to comprehend : "Yes, we can make by myself precisely what we need !"
Applying theory, having fun, creation things, helps to keep the determination very high and helps to accomplish completely funny projects! People think you were violent at the commencement and the same people think you are a guru, at the end.

AR: Describe one of your projects.

JB: The Muse de la Buzine in Marseille is a middle indicate of the Mediterranean cinema. Early 2011, we worked on this plan both as a software planner an hardware developer.
The permanent muster is formed on 7 bedrooms in that you can experience visuals, sounds contents.
The network is formed on 24 computers and 1 server, all being federated by a gigabit ethernet network.
There are moreover 7 hold screens, 10 video-projectors, 20 RFID readers, 7 arduino UNO MEGA handling buttons and ultra-sonic sensors, and at last 2 multi channels sound systems. Yes, it is a outrageous installation.
Everything has been done using Max5 (also declared Max/MSP before Max6)
Max/MSP is a graphical programming mood that means you can emanate softwares by joining practical boxes on your shade without typing one quarrel of code, if you do not similar to that. It is clearly completely probable to use JAVA, C++ and more inside of it.
Each network is formed on the same model, in the museum. A type of template we written to be able to supply similar features similar to OSC protocol information system, RFID parsing routines for user denunciation identification, jitter real time subtitling (subtitles on videos according to authorization of RFID cards), especially.
The server is able to send command to all machines. This is a good underline to be able to switch off all 24 computers in one click and to power on them using Wake On Lan too. Of course, all is scheduled according to a monthly calendar and is be automated.
Arduino takes a quite critical purpose in this universal design.
Indeed, it adds new capabilities skills to computers by giving them a way to feel our world with sensors and to deed on it too.
In this installation, Arduino are used on the easier way.
They are getting more information buttons state. For instance, drawers enclose secret switches: when you open a drawer, the switch is triggered and the getting more information double back route is non-stop too; the house detects that and send bytes to the P.C. around USB line basically. The Max vegetable patch (= name of programs you make in Max) receives the bytes and deed accurately by triggering a video, a sound, both or lighting on something.
There is a good appurtenance commissioned there : a DMX / Ethernet router.
we can send special bytes over the network from my Max vegetable patch to this gear. The router then translates my messages in to DMX pre-programmed sequences.
For instance, we connected an ultrasonic stretch sensor, used as a participation detector. The Arduino examine stretch and when the stretch is reduction than a specific value, it fires a specifically byte to the computer. This one reacts by triggering a sound and a video on 2 video-projectors. It moreover sends other rare byte to the DMX Router and this one creates a very good light sequences similar to fadin lights in not similar capricious way to be able to give an immersive experience to users.

The participation of Arduino done this designation alive, by bringingcomputers to other level of interaction.
we enjoyed a lot in creation this intricate plan and people seemed very contented by the result.

I have been asked to rise more installations similar to that and right away we openly select that offer to accept.

If you accepted me correctly, you know I'll select usually those with a unequivocally burly inventive matter purpose

AR: What skills did you pull upon?

JB: This plan entangled a lot of not similar technology.
we automatic using:
– C with the Arduino IDE
– Max5, inclusive javascript scripting and jitter openGL programming and MSP audio things too
we had to handle and solder a bit too, that was good and done things more real, concrete, physical.
The principal thing about this plan is the fact we had to blend a lot of things together.
It was engaging to link up all these very open effective technologies.
Using open protocol similar to serial, OSC (Open Sound Control) was a very good way to keep things elementary and indeed, we longed for to keep things simple.
Designing outrageous projects doesn't meant you have to elevate the complexity.
Often, great large projects are formed on very elementary bits.
My recommendation to readers: Keep it simple! Build a few units, then link up them together progressively.
This is my tenet when I'm training Arduino!

AR: When did you listen to about Arduino, and when did you initial start using it?

JB: we listen to about Arduino as shortly as we began to make my own hardwares (around 6 years ago)
It brought me in to the hardware rigging field.
we began by tweaking leds buttons with the bonome, an RGB monome counterpart ( /> It was a good plan and we schooled a lot about shift-registering, buttons matrices, LED matrices and notably RGB Leds.
Arduino is THE way to pick up about electronic.
we moreover played a bit with MIDI OSC protocol directly with Arduino house and we still have a couple of projects I'd similar to to make existing a bit on the monome placement model. These add a unusual worker machine, a 8-bit synthesizer very tender and a small and led formed sequencer but with a burly segment inclusive shuffling and random.
By diving in the Arduino world, you can simply pick up the send link between the ethics (software) and the wires (hardware)
The bootloader enclosed in the fragment provides a completely user friendly way to upload your C ethics from the IDE on your P.C. to the board.
It is useable out-of-the-box without subsequent to a 3 years University motorcycle !
I'll expansion the arduinoword around: it can simply make people learning about electronic and notably about creation their own things.
Today we can follow the DIY way simply since people similar to Massimo Banzi, Tom Igoe and the entire residents combined by the Arduino Team.
They non-stop a thoroughfare and gave people more determination to design and erect things themselves.

AR: Where can readers see your works, both past and present?

JB: we have 3 websites.
is the principal one. You can find there my blog, and all my communities connection similar to Soundcloud , Facebook and more.
is my song website that will be fused probably in to quite soon. Indeed, I'm well known as protofuse on the IDM electronic scene.
is my small company. I'm providing Ableton Live gadgets max for live stuff.
we am currently essay a book on Arduino and this is the initial authorized place where you see this news.
I'm essay is to very extraordinary publishing house PACKT publishing and I'm unequivocally cheerful about that, suffer writing, conceptualizing things and swelling the subsequent to difference to the world as far as possible: "yes you can erect your own machines without any large companies help !"

AR: What desirous you to make the thing you made?

JB:I'm both a technology-driven man and a minimalism art admirer.

I theory you can find minimalism in all I'm making, from the assumingly completely intricate things to the many easy one.
My work is a query in to minimalism zen digital territories. My ultimate iOS focus is a square of work that may be felt similar to an artwork too.
I'm creation a lot of ambient song and IDM song as well and from the many syncopated stroke to the many pacific harmonize soundscape, we feel minimalism.
Artists similar to Autechre, Brian Eno, Pete Namlook, Aphex Twin, Arpanet, enthuse me a lot.
we theory my entire design (sound design, song design, software hardware design) is desirous by artists similar to them, but not only.
We definitively need more harmony and more serenity in our world.
I'm just perplexing to find cave creation my art and perplexing to bring my difference to people too.

we instruct a splendid and pacific future for Julien and we deeply appreciate him is to interview.

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