Saturday, August 25, 2012

File-sharer Told To Pay $675,000

Joel Tenenbaum contingency pay $675,000 (426,000) in indemnification awarded to the leading US song labels after his solicit for a retrial was incited down.

Mr Tenenbaum, 25, was found guilty of illegally downloading and distributing 31 songs in 2007.

A panel of judges in Massachusetts ruled that the damages, set by a jury in 2009, had been fair.

Mr Tenenbaum was 16 years aged when a e-mail was sent to his parents' home accusing him of unlawful file-sharing.

He was asked to pay $5,250 (3,319) for downloading 7 songs. He claims he offering $500 (316) that was all he could means at the time, and it was declined.

In 2007 the box went to justice is to initial time. On his website Joel Tenenbaum says that he counter-claimed "asserting abuse of sovereign power".

He refused to solve and a new hearing was set for 2009. The outcome of that hearing was the awarding of indemnification to the leading US record labels.

In the US a jury can set a excellent of up to $150,000 for every event of wilful

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