Monday, August 27, 2012

ViewCast Introduces New Osprey Video Card

ViewCast has voiced the accessibility of the Osprey845e video takeover card, the ultimate add-on to its award-winning Osprey line.

The Osprey 845e introduces aloft duct firmness with up to 4 eccentric SDI inputs and has a loyal 3G submit (SMPTE 424) with usually a connector, as against to the twin couple routinely found in other cards. The card is existing in two models, typical clarification or high clarification SDI, to fit a far-reaching operation of applications in broadcasting, enterprise, education, supervision and universal OEM network integration.

The typical clarification model may be margin upgraded to high clarification SDI, permitting the user to succeed infrastructure cost. The high-definition model can submit 4 eccentric HDSDI signals or two 3G SDI signals. Built with the same arguable Osprey drivers, this PCI Express card moreover has drivers for Microsoft Windows and Linux working systems.

With more modes and pre-processing features, the Osprey 845e has user-defined screens for vigilance loss to stop streaming interruptions together with automatic HD-SD submit showing and switching. The default support rate delivered to customer applications is moreover customizable.

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