Wednesday, August 29, 2012

4K Camera Sees All

The JVC GY-HMQ10 4K condensed handheld camera, versed with a GoPano Plus lens attachment, was used to fire the 360-degree video for "She’s So Mean," the new singular from Matchbox Twenty’s arriving Emblem/Atlantic Records album, North . The video places the spectator in the core of a considerable room whilst the 4 members of the rope perform around them on all sides. Viewers can manage the citation of the camera by boring the video left, right, up, or down, consequent in a enthralling interactive experience.

The song video was shot and edited in July by Los Angeles-based TIC360, a section of The Integration Company. GoPano's 360-degree video technology was originally written is to army and aviation industry. However, the firm has stretched its footprint, creation 360-degree video existing in the consumer space with products similar to the GoPano Plus and the GoPano micro.

GoPano Plus uses a patented, specifically winding mirror, that gathers light from all directions and reflects it in to the lens of the camera. The "donut-shaped" video then shows all in a 360-degree ring around the unit. On a P.C. or mobile device, the picture is processed using law program in to an interactive scene, where the perspective is tranquil by the viewer. TIC360 used GoPano’s exclusive VideoWarp Director Mac-based program to import the 4K video from JVC’s Clip Manager software, and then combined a single, 360-degree Apple ProRes record for modifying in Final Cut Pro.

The 360-degree video of "She’s So Mean" may be noticed here , or it may be noticed with the giveaway downloadable "GoPano" app found in the iTunes Store, .

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