Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Canon Announces New Entrant To Cinema EOS Operation

Canon adds to the Cinema EOS System with the launch of the new EOS C100 - an interchangeable-lens veteran video camera written for eccentric videographers. Based on the core opening of the EOS C300, the new model includes a operation of new automatic features - creation it preferred for professionals who fire without a crew, or EOS videographers entering the Cinema EOS System is to initial time.

With Canon’s Super 35mm 8.3MP Bayer-filtered CMOS sensor at its core, the EOS C100 combines well-developed picture high quality with a pattern roughly 15 percent not as big than the EOS C300. With Canon’s EF get up users have evident access to over 60 EF lenses, together with the liberty to examination with the company’s expanding EF Cinema Lens line-up.

Designed to offer heading high quality and portability, the EOS C100 features a selection written around the needs of singular operators. Its modernized imaging network utilises the widely-used AVCHD codec, with the CMOS sensor recording 1920x1080 fortitude video to SD cards at 24Mbps with 4:2:0 shade sampling. Uncompressed video can moreover be outlay right away to outmost recorders around an integrated HDMI terminal, full with embedded timecode data.

The EOS C100 moreover offers rarely adjustable storage, recording to two SD card slots. Users can record to both cards concurrently with Double Slot Recording or use Relay Recording to automatically switch opposite mental recall cards when the a in use becomes full. In-camera down-conversion moreover allows operators to modify HD footage stored on a card to SD fortitude on the other - preferred for operators who wish to lower the size or fortitude of footage before transferring or web hosting.

The EOS C100 includes encouragement for 24/25/30p and 50/60i frame rates offers flexibility, and an ISO operation of 320-20,000 provides endless bearing manage and low sound in all lighting conditions. A new Wide Dynamic Range gamma surroundings creates it probable to fire in demanding, high difference situations - achieving a energetic operation of up to 800% without the need for endless colour grading in post-production. Additionally, Canon Log Gamma enables the takeover of high high quality video abounding in bearing embodiment and energetic range, and ensures footage has a conform to look and feel when used to one side other Cinema EOS cameras in multi-camera shoots.

As well as full handbook control, the EOS C100 integrates a operation of new automatic features to encouragement eccentric operators such as documentary makers or headlines shooters. A new One Shot AF symbol enables users to now examine focus, with the middle picture area automatically checked previous to recording. Push Auto Iris evaluates bearing and creates any compulsory adjustments before shooting, whilst new Auto White Balance uses the power of Canon’s DIGIC DV III picture processor to discover and change shade data - permitting operators to concentration on the story in front of them.

The EOS C100 moreover offers professionally-optimised audio and connectivity, ancillary the takeover of Dolby Digital AC3 or 16-bit Linear PCM audio at 48 kHz - the high high quality vigilance compulsory for veteran announce content. A stereo microphone is built in to the camera’s detachable handle, to one side audio manage dials and two XLR terminals that capacitate users to link up to outmost microphones and other sources. The camera moreover features a new lockable HDMI depot that ensures cables sojourn safely trustworthy to the submit during shooting

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