Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bethesda Trademarks 'Hearthfire,' That Is Completely A Thing From Skryim

But it certain smells similar to it. The tenure "Hearthfire" (or "Heartfire") correlates to the ninth month in The Elder Scrolls' world of Tamriel, together with a set of books in the 2920 series. Bethesda is staying silent for now, revelation VentureBeat that the studio, "does not criticism on heading filings." The filing was done back in May, so it's always probable that the thought has given passed.

The filing is unquestionably diversion software, per the description: "Computer diversion program for use with computers and video diversion consoles; downloadable P.C. diversion program offering around the internet and wireless devices." There's moreover a unconditionally mediocre picture to one side the heading filing, seen above.

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