Friday, September 7, 2012

Zai Higo, That Beautifully Simple Folding Pocket Knife You Can Admire

There are gadgets that are written for function more than form. Some gadgets may supply many organic features but may not look that great. For many people, this might be great enough. But it does not harm giving a few organic collection a look that may be dignified right away and then, only similar to the new Zai Higo.

The Zai Higo is a elementary foldable knife edge that is written by Kacper Hamilton is to Swiss Ski firm Zai. It offers a elementary and nonetheless necessary function to plunge into many emergencies. But more than that, its elementary function is highlighted by its pleasing form and style. This elementary slot knife is since a pattern treatment great sufficient to admire. It is only unfavorable that this pleasing slot knife is only a pattern antecedent and is not existing for buy yet.

Image Source: Kacper Hamilton

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