Friday, September 7, 2012

What The Heck Is Homestuck, And How'd It Get $750K On Kickstarter?

When we listened that a webcomic called had lifted 3 buliding of a million dollars on Kickstarter inside of 24 hours for a videogame version, we set out to investigate what it was. Three hours later, we was not sufficient closer to bargain it.

, and the frantic fandom of its millions of readers, is tough to explain. Entire blogs have been proposed only to answer the question, "What is ?"

Here's the most appropriate we can do: It's a book/webcomic/Flash animation/videogame hybrid, all combined by Andrew Hussie. When Hussie suggested a Kickstarter promotion to account origination of a exploit diversion on Tuesday, his fans helped him encounter his $700,000 objective inside of only a day. He skeleton to let go the diversion in 2014.

It's wise that Hussie would wish to make a adventure. The webcomic is obviously a lampoon of old-school point-and-click games similar to . Characters are impeded by the stipulations of their world's register system, and the exegesis is in second person, as even though the reader is determining all that happens.

the webcomic was proposed in April of 2009, and Hussie has updated a couple of "pages" - that may be anything from a GIF record to a song follow - any day ever since. Sometimes a page is a typical single-frame comic, but then you'll click by to the next page and find yourself in an interactive battle. Long conversations between characters are dark in talk logs. It's bizarre, a small wanton and completely fascinating.

The story is right away rounded off 5,000 pages long. PBS has called it " the Ulysses of the internet ."

has always been a rarely collaborative process, though, that is a of its principal draws. Although Hussie told Wired in an e-mail interview that he "wrote all of it, and drew at least 99 percent of it," he says that all of the song has been contributed by fans.

A lot of music. There are right away Homestuck albums .

‘s Kickstarter promotion success is mind-boggling since the promotional video doesn't even endeavor to allure to people who aren't already fans of the webcomic. The video is 4 mins of apparently pointless animated sequences, with no reason of what is or what Hussie is perplexing to do.

Instead, Hussie writes a couple of paragraphs explaining that Homestuck is "an illustrated, semi-animated story on the internet."

"If you watch the trailer," Hussie says, "and then click on the initial page , you may consternation if you even are seeking at the same story."

That was of course my experience with , but then we did click that initial page. The next 3 hours went by quickly.

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