Sunday, September 2, 2012

To The Moon Hits Steam September 7, Next Part Incoming

To the Moon has been on our radio detector given final year, when it done our 2011 Best of the Rest roundup. Back then it was existing on the developer's site and on Desura , but it was absent on Steam, a service with a wider audience, aloft form and where a diversion of To the Moon 's talent indeed belonged. To the Moon will be existing in English, French and German, and expected Italian and Korean, Freebird's Kan Gao says.

Freebird is working on other part of To the Moon , featuring the same doctors invading other failing person's memories in the endeavor to make their patient's paramount instruct advance true, mentally, at least.

In April, Gao mentioned To the Moon will be giveaway on Steam to those who purchased it previously, and that it wouldn't add Steamworks, given it's such a partial diversion anyway. Gao confirms that To the Moon won't use Steamworks for achievements or saves, but "it's probable that a new form of clouded cover saves will be used."

Those who paid for To the Moon from Freebird's site, and usually from Freebird's site, will obtain a Steam chronicle for free. This will be on a solicit basis, given Gao has to manually email any person with a giveaway code. He'll publicize an email account for retrieving giveaway codes once it's all set up.

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