Monday, September 3, 2012

TMD Adds LTFS Archiving

For IBC 2012 Release

TMD adds LTFS archiving IBC 2012, Amsterdam, 7 - 11 September, stand2.C58: TMD, the heading provider of item administration systems for digital and earthy assets, is assisting its users lower complete cost of tenure by taking advantage of an open standards draw close to long-term storage. It has right away updated send LTFS support, permitting users to increase a third-party information fasten repository library simply and transparently.

LTFS (linear fasten record system) was created primarily by IBM but is right away adopted as an open standard. It is a self-describing fasten format, meaning that an LTFS fasten may be taken from a network to another, even when using not similar software, and still be readable. LTFS was launched at NAB 2010, and has specific applications in announce and audiovisual archives.

"Adding LTFS encouragement to the TMD Mediaflex item administration network is a tremendously interesting growth for us," mentioned Tony Taylor, chairperson and CEO of TMD. "It will significantly lower the cost of information fasten archiving for long-term preservation. Added to our existing encouragement for exclusive hierarchical storage administration technologies, it means our customers around the world can choose the low storage answer that most appropriate meets their requirements."

Included in the TMD LTFS procedure will be key functionality inclusive prejudiced restores and fasten externalisation. All LTFS tapes trustworthy to TMD Mediaflex systems will be unstable to other LTFS-compatible archives.

About TMD

TMD is a universal personality focused on conceptualizing and delivering media calm administration solutions and related services to the universal media, announce and repository sectors. Headquartered in Aylesbury UK the company’s Mediaflex program applications supply a stage is to administration of both normal earthy media, such as movie and video tape, together with digital content. TMD’s universal attain includes office locations in the USA and Australia. For extra information on TMD products and services, greatfully revisit

Company meeting : Tony Taylor, Tel: +44 (0)1296 745080, Email: Web:

Press meeting : Alison Preston, Manor Marketing, Tel: +44 (0)1635 44991, Email:

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