Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Security Light & Switch With PIR Sensor Update

This is a elementary refurbish to Mr. Hareendran's PIR Sensor Security Light circuit. It has a accountability boundary the send voltage to roughly 3.3V. While this may function with a few 5V relays, it will not function with all. The inlet of an emitter supporter Darlington forces the outlay voltage to be two connection drops next the bottom expostulate voltage in addition to a tiny voltage tumble opposite R1.

In gripping with the suggestion of his design, we defended the Darlington arrangement, and the transistor sort number"however, we altered the transistors from familiar gatherer to familiar emitter configuration, and related the send between the gatherer outlay and the certain rail. The send right away utilizes a 12V coil"to use an existing 5V relay, simply increase a resistor in array with the curl whose worth is scaled up from the curl resistance. Also, we related the LED opposite the send curl rsther than than powering it around the 2nd send contact"this way, usually one form "C" send meeting is compulsory thus creation the send reduction expensive"of march it may be completed possibly way. we separated a few additional, unneeded components.

Datasheet links

SB0061 PIR Sensor (complete PIR module):
BISS0001 PIR Sensor (interface IC that goes inside many PIR modules):

How it functions

When suit is detected, the outlay (pin 2) goes to 5V and stream flows by R2 to the bottom of Q1. The emitter stream of Q1 becomes the bottom stream of Q2"the stream earn of a Darlington is the hFE squared or about 10,000 to 50,000 (very high). This simply provides competent expostulate stream is to relay. R1 provides a means of conducting any prospective steam in Q1 to familiar and moreover helps Q2 to spin off faster. D1 is the back diode that circulates the send curl stream when Q1 Q2 turns off thus preventing a deleterious voltage transient.


No, we did not erect and assessment this one"I just come about to know from experience that this route will work OK"if the route was new to me, we would unquestionably Protoboard and assessment since Murphy may be sneaking somewhere. Murphy's Law states that anything that can go incorrect will go wrong... Such is loyal as we have proven it countless times.

For the Future

PIR clear amplifier circuit"yes, it is not difficult.

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