Saturday, September 8, 2012

On The Air: Game|Life Video: 5 Ways Nintendo Can Fix Wii U's Virtual Console

Virtual Console, the service that allows Wii owners to download and fool around typical games from ages past, has been a of the most appropriate and worst features of Nintendo's diversion machine.

Hundreds of games are on the service, probably perfect emulations of unforgettable titles from the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and other retro platforms. But over the final couple of years, Nintendo has slowed the let go report to roughly a full stop. So far in 2012 it has usually expelled 15 games on the service.

With the next-generation Wii U stage forthcoming soon, Nintendo has the chance to energise its downloadable games first move and make Virtual Console more than just an afterthought. In this week's part of GameLife's video entertainment program, you confer 5 things it can do to speed up its allure on the new machine.

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