Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Cobham Technology Gets The Headlines Back Fast

For IBC 2012 Release

New Cobham technology gets the headlines back swift

IBC 2012, Amsterdam, mount 1.F41 : Cobham is using the ultimate wireless netting technology to help reporters on choice set up all their facilities, inclusive video links, rapidly and simply. With Cobham MediaMesh a publisher can have all the services of the newsroom anyplace they are in the world, determined in only a couple of mins from a singular flight case.

MediaMesh uses ground-breaking wireless technology to emanate a mesh, a unenlightened wireless network that covers the conventional working area and may be stretched at any time. The network supports announce high quality video and audio for live two-ways, together with information and voice, joining the publisher in the margin to the newsroom. Communication is over Ka-band heavenly body where available, or MediaMesh can use send ethernet access or even the open 3G or 4G mobile network.

For a conventional violation headlines story the publisher will settle a bottom in a road house room, with the camera on a patio and a Ka-band plate on the roof. With MediaMesh no time is mislaid in physically joining any square of apparatus and contrast out the communications links: all automatically collect up the wireless netting network. There are no cables to remove or confuse, and any information may be carried and delivered to the correct device: the camera may be tranquil from the newsroom, for example.

The netting will add a number of nodes that speak to any other, and if the network needs to be stretched more nodes may be updated as required. Intelligence in MediaMesh means that the network automatically detects new nodes and uses the extra resources without the need for any user intervention. Similarly, the network is self-healing: should a node flop MediaMesh will work around it. Only a node need be related to the outward world, possibly by the heavenly body link or by the ethernet.

"News broadcasters know that, when a story breaks, they have to obtain a organisation on the belligerent quickly," mentioned Stuart Brown, announce systems executive at Cobham. "What MediaMesh gives them is that extra agility, to be able to settle a newsroom divided from home without having to be wiring technicians or network architects. Open the Pelicase, set up the collection you need and you are up and running. The publisher can concentration on anticipating the actual story, not on perplexing to communicate with base."

MediaMesh may be seen at IBC 2012 on the Cobham stand, 1.F41 along with Cobham’s operation of flyaway and trek uplinks.

About Cobham

Cobham specialises in discussion the urge for data, connectivity and bandwidth in defence, safety and blurb environments. Offering a technically heterogeneous and innovative operation of technologies and services, the Group protects lives and livelihoods, responding to patron needs with lively that differentiates it. The many critical thing you erect is trust. Employing more than 10,000 people on 5 continents, the Group has customers and allies in over 100 countries.


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