Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mega Man Creator's JJ Rockets Hits Android In Japan, Stars US President

First off, you fool around as the President of the United States - may not especially the large O . Then you renovate in to what looks similar to a unconventional superhero chronicle of Evel Knievel , all to save amiability from a overflow of immorality mutants. Each theatre has a three-minute time limit, with the theatre usually total once the last team leader is defeated. A promotional picture from the Google Play inventory suggests a heterogeneous arms depot to select from, whilst a screenshot shows a Batman-like 'Bwoom!' and 'Kaboom!!

In summary: Mega Man platforming action, US super-president, time-limits, comic book stylings, and lots of fun-looking weapons. This is because we're interested.

We reached out to Marvelous AQL, who are edition JJ Rockets in Japan, but the firm declined to supply any serve comment. We do know, though, the diversion is moreover releasing on iOS at a few point. As it is, you wouldn't be astounded by a Western let go of other Marvelous-published Inafune game.

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