Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mariner XVu Reaches 7 Million Gadgets Beneath Management

Mariner voiced a leading miracle in the expansion of its flagship product. Mariner xVu is right away monitoring more than 7 million devices.

Mariner xVuhas been ancillary the Microsoft Mediaroom mood given 2009 and has not long ago voiced encouragement is to new functionality in Microsoft Mediaroom customer 2.2. Other ecosystems upheld add Cisco Videoscape, Viaccess-Orca (RiGHTv and Compass) and Minerva iTVFusion.

The network currently monitors 3 of the tip 5 service providers inNorth America. According to commentary from Point Topic and the Broadband Forum, the number of IPTV subscribers grew by 3.8 million globally in Q1 of 2012, ranking as a of the greatest buliding ever for IPTV growth. Mariner has increased the number of gadgets monitored by that number in the same time period, demonstrating that it can keep gait with the rate of expansion of the IPTV attention and the harsh must be guard subscriber QoE. Additionally, the hurried embracing a cause of IPTV is serve substantiated by investigate figures - supposing by Digital TV Research - that envision universal IPTV subscribers will three times by 2017.

More data about Mariner and the company's products may be found at .

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