Thursday, September 6, 2012

GameStop Meddlesome In Ouya

Though he was coherent to note that the firm did not have an authorized statement concerning any future skeleton to bring the Android console, Raines was certain about the device. "We regard Ouya's cool. We admire the thought of open-source components. Everything we've read is great."

Raines connected the new console to the Google Nexus 7 inscription that GameStop sells - and that Raines incited on during the review to be able to recollect a diversion he longed for to speak about (It was Dead Trigger .) "Here's the interesting thing that's happening: if you look at the power of the processor similar to the Tegra 3 or the x86 things that's forthcoming on Windows tablets, you've got a processor right away and graphics ability that are unequivocally exciting," he said.

"There will be games created for that stuff. So you're going to see more of these open source sort products, and you will be right in the center of all of it."

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