Saturday, September 1, 2012

Firefall Beta Opens Up Its Piece Store, Sells Founder's Packages (on Sale Now)

In add-on to the company's just-announced 'Founders' calm bundles (detailed above, and now on sale during PAX), Williams showed us a few special cosmetic things existing for purchase, similar to fluffy dreadlocks or a adorned helmet, together with things from an in-game store called Luau Larry's. Larry will happily sell you a few fun items, similar to a small spell doctor pet, or a tiki flame that plays in-game song and causes everybody around it to dance when placed in the world.

Becoming a owner moreover grants priority access to Firefall 's stream beta erect - along with XP boosts, real-world items, in-game banking and more formed on purchased tier. And the things in the founders' packages are set to be existing on September 24, so you might listen to about a bigger refurbish forthcoming then. Meanwhile, the stream cost on all 3 packages ($15, $37, and $75, down from $20, $50, and $100) lasts by PAX weekend.

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