Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DK-Technologies And TSL Professional Products New Strategic Technology Partnership Delivered Its First Product At IBC 2012

The new vital partnership that was shaped in Aug 2012, betweenDK-Technologies and TSL Professional Products Ltd, producer of hardware and program audio monitoring, itemize and power administration products, has yielded its initial audio dimensions product, that launched at IBC 2012.

TSL denounced the PAM PICo Audio Loudness Meter - at IBC 2012 ( Stand 10.B41 ). Derived from the award-winning condensed DK Meter, this ultimate associate of TSL’s Precision Audio Monitor (PAM) product familymeets stepping up marketplace urge for simple, cost efficient audio metering, especially with intensity measurement.

The new attribute between TSL Professional Products Ltd and DK-Technologies ( Stand 8:E60 ), that manufactures high-quality audio and video metering equipment, aims to bring a operation of unique product solutions to a accumulation of markets inclusive the announce industry.

Andy Page, UK Director, DK-Technologies, says: "The partnership with TSL sprang from meetings you had when both companies were entangled with equipping new announce services for a leading UK eccentric radio channel. TSL has glorious loudspeaker-based audio monitoring products, whilst DK offers well-developed audio metering solutions. We remarkable the synergy between the product ranges and recognized that, by mixing the knowledge, you could supply more efficient workflows to not usually broadcast, but to theatre, song productions and AV installations."

Chris Exelby, handling executive of TSL Professional Products Ltd, adds: "TSL is gay to be collaborating with DK-Technologies, as DK has demonstrated loyal enhancement and trustworthiness when it comes to bringing new audio assessment and dimensions products to market. With the amalgamated knowledge, we’re seeking to rise a few interesting new ways of handling audio opposite the announce sequence that will streamline present prolongation needs whilst expecting future trends. We are fully energized to start using DK to bring the collective assignment to fruition."

TSL’s new PAM PICo Loudness scale is a compact, standalone section that features DK’s radical StarFish™ approximate sound manifestation technology and measures intensity to all well known general standards inclusive ITU, EBU R128 and ATSC. To emanate PAM PICo, DK has blending its DK Meter to supply a menu make up and metering beam that are unique to TSL, thus enabling PAM PICo to dovetail immaculately with TSL’s existing product range.

Designed for use in any functional positionwhere ‘at a glance’ audio metering is required,PAM PiCo is existing in 3 formats; to displaystereo, multichannel or approximate sound audio fromanalogue, AES or embedded SDI vigilance sources, allmeasuring Loudness to general standards andrecommendations. Simple to use and easy to configure, PAM PiCo puts high high quality metering inside of easy attain of any person entangled in sound production, from operators working via announce prolongation to song college of music technicians and record producers.

"Everyone benefits as a outcome of this collaboration," says DK’s Andy Page. "From DK’s indicate of perspective you are able to deliver new customers to the operation and supply an ascent trail to the more thorough audio metering products such as the MSD600. TSL, meanwhile, benefits from having a rarely regarded metering answer that fits in immaculately with its existing product gift - and the patron benefits by having a really affordable Loudness dimensions answer that may be granted as an entire segment of TSL’s eminent audio administration package."


About DK-Technologies

DK-Technologies develops and produces audio meters, video sync and assessment vigilance generators, together with video waveform monitors and colour analysers both for LCD and CRT monitors. Alongside its worldwide distributor network, DK-Technologies moreover operates bend offices in Denmark, Germany, UKand USA. www.dk-technologies.com

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