Saturday, September 1, 2012

Disability Protests At Atos HQ

Up to 150 incapacity rights campaigners have been protesting outward IT definite Atos, that carries out "fit for work" assessments is to government.

Campaigners say its tests for people on incapacity allowances are "damaging and distressing" and have led to suicides.

Atos, a unite of the Paralympic Games, mentioned it ensures its service is "professional" and "compassionate".

Protesters moreover targeted the Department for Work and Pensions in Westminster, where a person was arrested.

The tiny break-away group, inclusive two wheelchair users, shut off the doors of the office in a "surprise secret action", UK Uncut said.

Protesters who got inside the DWP office building have given been removed. The Metropolitan Police mentioned a person was arrested for crack of the peace.

Demonstrations have been hold via the week, culminating in an endeavor to bring the French firm's domicile in Triton Square, Marylebone, to a close.

Earlier Paralympics arch Lord Coe shielded Atos and mentioned the company had helped with the London 2012 accreditation process, recruitment of volunteers, and results smoothness service.

"They're allies and they help us to broach this... Their work goes way over any of that visibility."

The supervision - that creates decisions formed on Atos Work Capability Assessments - has mentioned it is perplexing to manage the cost of incapacity allowances.

It says more than 600m a year is being outlayed on overpayments to people who no longer validate is to turn of benefits they are receiving.

It has mentioned checks are critical to ensure the gain network supports people and does not entice them.

Claire Glasman, Winvisible campaigner, has intelligent palsy and is on incapacity benefit.

She mentioned her organisation has campaigned for a mom with a spinal damage who was harmed at work and found non-professional to work but scored 0 on her evaluation meaning she contingency request for Job Seeker's Allowance, find waged work or rest on relatives.

Ms Glasman said: "We are unaware how people are managing.

"Women are quite affected because you are the ones many expected to be carrying out unwaged kind work together with coping with serious illness problems."

John Williams who has Crohn's Disease, epileptic fit and a number of other conditions assimilated about 200 campaigners.

He mentioned he is having to live on benefits of 500 a month and rest on glass food drinks.

He said: "I wish a satisfactory system. It's definitely appalling. It feels similar to Atos is using the supervision to obtain the figures down."

Roger Lewis from Disabled People Against Cuts told BBC Five Live assessments were causing "huge damage and upset to infirm people".

He said: "We right away have a incident where you know that people have vanished by the Atos assessments who have sadly died as a result. Some have committed suicide. Some have had heart attacks."

He mentioned a parliamentary organisation of MPs has been seeking at coroners' reports where Work Capability Assessments have been cited as a contributing factor.

The DWP mentioned it did not have investigate information on the repercussions of assessments on people's mental illness and that no links could fairly be done to suicides.

A orator mentioned 15% of "fit for work" decisions were overturned on allure and the network was theme to an annual review.

He said: "Since 2010 you have extremely softened the Work Capability Assessment process.

"As a outcome you are saying an enlarge in the number of exceedingly infirm people being given long-term withoout conditions support."

A mouthpiece is to French multinational Atos said: "We entirely apply oneself people's right to pacific objection and you comprehend this is a rarely emotive issue.

"We do not make decisions on people's gain desert or on gratification process but you will go on to ensure the service that you supply is as rarely veteran and benevolent as it can be.

"We do this by a regular programme of practice and preparation for our staff, a rigorous recruitment process for healthcare professionals and those going by the process on the ground."

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