Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Used Games Tradesman In Florida Is Selling Their Business On EBay

Rather than selling an whole life's value of cars and skill along with the stores, "Buddy and Dave" will usually be selling the 3 existing Gamers HQ locations in Belleview, Inverness and Gainesville, Florida for a cold $2.6 million. All 3 locations are essential and have been given day one, according to the eBay inventory .

Both Buddy and Dave will stay on as consultants for 3 months after purchase, with an choice to help open a fourth place that is already in the formulation stages. Additionally, 10 percent of the listing's last sale cost will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "This business succeeds interjection to young kids and giving back to them will be the initial step if sold," reads the listing.

The sequence of stores reportedly creates over $400,000 a year and potential new owners can design to consequence a monthly take-home income of around $4,000, but if you can means to outlay $2.6 million on something, you're may earning more than 50 splendid a year anyway.

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