Thursday, August 23, 2012

They Bleed Pixels To Full Of Blood Good Strike Steam On Aug 29

Not sufficient blood in your life? Worry no more, since They Bleed Pixels will be purgation great large fountains of the things all over Personal Computer screens when it arrives on Steam on Aug 29.

Spooky Squid Games , the college of music at the back the blood-fest, moreover denounced a new trailer to commemorate the let go date announcement. It shows off a few of the tributary ways you can lead your medieval brave woman to her frivolous doom, together with how the 2D platforming and beat-em-up blend together.

Apart from the noteworthy lo-fi visuals and all that red stuff, it's the game's draw close to checkpointing that stands out. The more monsters you kill, and the more "stylishly" you snuff out them, the quicker your checkpoint scale fills up. Only once it's full can you place a checkpoint. It all sounds elementary enough, unless you're a Anti-violence or exceedingly styleless. Or both.

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