Thursday, August 23, 2012

AMWA Joint Plan Wins Desired IBC Judges' Prize

A joint plan between the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and the European Broadcast Union (EBU) that will capacitate broadcasters to save allowance and work smarter has won the prestigious Judges' Prize at the International Broadcasting Convention, in Amsterdam. The IBC2012 Awards Ceremony will be hold in the RAI Auditorium at 18:30, Sunday, September 9.

The Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) is an open typical for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for media that, overcomes expensive, disruptive incompatibilities in IT-based announce prolongation technologies.

IT-based solutions are supplanting dedicated video and audio apparatus as broadcasters look for media format flexibility, endless metadata administration and cost shrinking by the use of broad role PCs and networks. FIMS allows media organisations to pierce divided from the tightly-coupled design of existing systems to a loosely-coupled make up that takes value of modern considering in the design of intricate IT systems.

A media assembly lines formed on the concepts of FIMS and SOA delivers a adjustable network that can straightforwardly adjust to future smoothness formats and platforms.

The plan has right away successfully delivered the FIMS 1.0 specification, that is already functional at Bloomberg.

Brad Gilmer, Executive Director of the AMWA said: "The AMWA is exceedingly gratified to see the IBC agree to this plan not usually for what it is achieving, but moreover is to fact that it changed quickly. The attention is at a indicate where it needs relevant, business-driven specifications that are timely. We honour Bloomberg as an early adopter of FIMS, and you honour our partners, the EBU, and other FIMS group members. We look deliver to others fasten Bloomberg shortly in implementing Media Service Oriented Architectures."

Chairman of the IBC Innovation Awards, Michael Lumley, said: "IBC values pity expertise on top of all else, and in building practical standards so quickly, the FIMS allies had to share their expertise if the consequent standards were going to be strong sufficient to be utilitarian globally. I am gay that you can honour AMWA and EBU for their efforts in pushing the FIMS project."

The Judges' Prize is a of a number of awards presented during IBC any year, and typically presented for innovative projects that have specific creative, technical or blurb imagination.

For a larger bargain of the FIMS project, AMWA experts and materials will be existing at the Workflow Solutions Village in gymnasium 9 at IBC, September 7-11.

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