Sunday, August 19, 2012

CastleMiner Z Crests 900,000 Sales, Becomes Fastest-selling XBLIG

"Based on the positions in the every day most appropriate selling lists it might really good be the most appropriate selling XBLIG of all time, but we won't feel entirely cozy adage that until we have reached the tip of the most appropriate selling list, that we plan should come about when we turn out 1M units sales in the next 4-6 weeks, apropos the initial XBLIG to do so," DigitalDNA Games' Thomas Steinke told Joystiq. Still, CastleMiner Z has been at the tip of Major Nelson's XBLIG list given rising back in November. And CastleMiner Z is always at the tip of the every day best-selling area of .

Steinke usually had nice things to say about Microsoft, adage that developing XBLIG games has been "an incredible and life varying experience," even though he does instruct they paid more consideration to the XBLIG channel. "We have really longed for to make an XBLA pretension for a long time, you would regard when you have a developer that has changed millions of units on XBLIG that it would obtain a few consideration from them, however that hasn't been the box for us."

Joystiq has contacted Microsoft to approve DigitalDNA's claims; however, the firm typically does not divulge XBLIG sales information to the public.

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