Sunday, August 19, 2012

Camera With Credentials

When Miller-Bell Media Productions was determined in 1998, the firm purchased two JVC GY-DV500 veteran DV camcorders, that were finally transposed by a JVC GY-DV5000. When the firm motionless to make the passing from one to another to HD prolongation and adopt a send to file-based workflow, Miller-Bell chose to hang with JVC and purchased a GY-HM710 ProHD camera.

Based in Lancaster, CA, Miller-Bell produces a accumulation of radio commercials and infomercials, in addition to corporate and supervision video projects. For a emporium similar to Miller-Bell, notice is all - and a tiny camcorder simply does not give the veteran look required. While the GY-HM710 is not as big and lighter than progressing shoulder-mount models, its considerable lens and flip-out LCD shade creates a major sense on clients.

When the firm was a tape-based operation, it had a despotic process to never rewind footage in the margin to prevent erasing calm by mistake. The GY-HM710, however, archives to inexpensive, non-proprietary SDHC media cards, so videographers can fire footage and give present playback for clients.

Miller-Bell is moreover saying working cost extra savings with the use of SDHC cards. The firm estimates it has saved shut to $500 on fasten this year. JVC’s local record recording does not need spending time transcoding footage for editing. Instead, it can draw towards and tumble to Final Cut Pro.

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